December 17, 2009
Lees-McRae Athletic Training Student Assists With Science Fair Project: Jake Hinshaw investigates foot and ankle tapings for science fair project

"What can give me more stability when I have weak ankles and a flat foot?" That's the question eighth grade Cranberry Middle School student Jake Hinshaw wanted to answer with his science fair project. Jake wants to pursue a career in the medical field. He combined his foot and ankle instability issue with his desire to learn more about a medically related field for his science project.

To do this he called on Lees-McRae College Athletic Training student Erin Tyler to help with his project. Erin is a junior in the Athletic Training Education Program. She is a double major in Athletic Training and Physical Education.

Erin and Jake had several sessions where Erin would tape Jake's foot and then exercise on the treadmill. The results of the testing were analyzed and presented at the annual science fair.

The experience proved to be a positive experience for both Jake and Erin. For Jake, the most exciting part of doing the project was "learning the many different tapings". Erin enjoyed bringing both of her chosen careers, athletic training and teaching, together to work with Jake.

"This was a great opportunity for Erin! She was able to work one-on-one with Jake and help guide him with his research," said Rita Smith, Director of the Athletic Training Education Program. "We welcome the opportunity to bring more information about our field to the public.

Congratulations to Jake on an innovative idea for his project! Jake is the son of Lees-McRae College Registrar Lynn Hinshaw.

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