February 06, 2009
Cherokee singer/songwriter Michael Jacobs at Lees-McRae February 10

On Tuesday, February 10, award-winning Cherokee singer/songwriter, Michael Jacobs, will visit Lees-McRae College, performing in MacDonald Dining Hall at noon and in Evans Auditorium at 3:30 p.m.

So who is Michael Jacobs?

There is no doubt that Cherokee recording artist Michael Jacobs is a remarkable and creative musician. A powerful singer, his passionate delivery is impressive. He sings like he means it… because he does.

But Michael's skills as a songwriter, a painter with words and music, are what set him apart. His incredible blend of Native American and American "roots" music, a mixture of pop, rock and folk, artfully fuses contemporary and traditional sounds and powerful imagery. As an artist, Michael is not interested simply in educating people about Native American culture or "Native" issues. His songs address human issues: peace, justice, suffering, the environment, relationships, wholeness and even spirituality. His music soothes, encourages and challenges the listener.

Michael's debut solo CD, Sacred Nation, received a 2003 Native American Music Award and his remarkable follow-up recording, They Come Dancing, was nominated in 2004. JPoet of Native Peoples magazine writes, "Michael Jacobs has a big, raspy voice, one that often draws comparisons to Don Henley and he sings with an understated power that gives every lyric the ring of truth. There isn't a weak song on the album, and many sound like potential standards. Its power and polish lay the groundwork for other artists looking for ways to combine Native tradition and popular music without diminishing the power of either form."

The Journey, Michael's third CD, received a 2006 Indian Summer Music Award and was nominated for a 2006 Just Plain Folks Award and two 2007 Native American Music Awards.

Michael's latest album, the aptly named masterpiece, Mystery, is as diverse thematically as it is musically. Covering topics from the environment and politics to the ecstasy and agony of life and relationships, Mystery will rock you with its power and move you to tears with its tenderness and poignancy. It recently received two 2008 Indian Summer Music Awards for Best Pop Recording and Best Rock Recording.

To date, Michael has performed at over 100 colleges and universities in 19 states, besides numerous libraries, museums, pow-wows, festivals and fairs across the U.S. and Canada.

Michael Jacobs' visit is sponsored by the Global Community Center.

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