August 23, 2010
Lees-McRae welcomes record incoming class

Lees-McRae College welcomed the third largest freshman class in the history of the college as a four-year institution on Move-In Weekend Aug. 13-14. The campus was bustling with activity as the class of 2014 settled into their residence hall rooms and began preparation for the start of a new academic year.

With approximately 280 new students beginning classes this past Wednesday, this group is 46 percent larger than the class that moved-in last August - a welcome boost in enrollment.

"This year's incoming class has responded to the spirit of excitement and energy that's running through Lees-McRae College this year. And they're already adding to it," said Dr. John Keener, vice president for enrollment management who oversees all recruitment and retention efforts at Lees-McRae. "These students recognize the value of student-centered education in the most beautiful place on earth."

On the morning of August 13, every available parking space was taken as parents and families began unpacking their over-stuffed cars and vans as the move-in festivities began. Thankfully though, the families were not alone. On hand to help were faculty, staff, peer leaders and entire athletic teams carrying refrigerators, suitcases, TVs and the like up countless flights of stairs. Even the College's new president, Dr. Barry M. Buxton, could be found carrying boxes and welcoming new students and their families to campus.

"The college's growth this year is a tribute not only to a dedicated and passionate faculty and staff, but also to Lees-McRae's inherent strengths: a true community atmosphere, an education that combines versatility with career preparation, and, of course, a campus like no other," said Dr. Keener. "Lees-McRae College is a genuine learning community, and we're thrilled to welcome this new group to the family."

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