December 08, 2010
Study art, spirituality and culture in Prague in May 2011

Study art, spirituality and culture in Prague with Lees-McRae students and faculty in May 2011.

The magical city of Prague is certainly a "jewel in the crown" of European cities. For centuries, Prague has been a cross-roads of political power-of Catholic, Jewish, and Reformation religious struggles-and more recently of Nazi invasion, Communist oppression, and democracy.

As a city brimming with the magic of medieval and Baroque architecture, a Bohemian culture that pre-dates the Roman Empire, and a society that has wrestled with the relationship between religion and government, Prague has never lost its love affair with music, art, and science. Visiting Prague is a journey back in time surrounded by the attitude that it is our good fortune to be living in this century.

You will learn why this attitude is so dominant if you join Dr. Michael Vines and Professor Caroline Garrett in Prague this coming May on an 11-day trip to Prague to study "Art, Spirituality and Religion." This four credit course is being offered through a partnership between the Global Community Center and the Division of Humanities as a part of Lees-McRae's 2011 schedule of international travel courses.

The trip is open to Lees-McRae College alumni. The cost is $3,060 due in full by January 18, 2011. This price covers round-trip transportation between Charlotte and Prague, as well as all accommodations, transportation, guide services, course fees, and activities in Prague.

Questions about the trip can be directed to Scott Crawford, Director of the Global Community Center, at or (828) 898-8788 or Michael Vines, trip leader and Lees-McRae College Professor of Religious Studies, at or (828) 898-8757.

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