November 23, 2010
Lees-McRae Division of Education and Teacher Education chosen one of four NC programs to participate in pilot NC FALCON program

Lees-McRae College and the Division of Education and Teacher Education is proud to announce that the College is one of four in North Carolina permitted to pilot NC FALCON with their pre-service teachers, along with NC State and UNC Greensboro.

The state Board of Education recognized the need to develop a new balanced assessment plan that not only assesses student learning, but informs instruction to meet 21st century learning goals and goes beyond summative state standardized testing and includes a focus upon both benchmark and formative classroom assessment.

NC FALCON was developed by North Carolina's Department of Instruction to serve as the professional development training module for teachers on the use of formative assessment. During the 2010-11 academic year, all NC school districts and individual schools will be implementing plans to carry out this professional training with their teachers.

"To be allowed to share this training module with our pre-service teachers as part of their overall education before they enter the workforce is a wonderful opportunity for our students," claims Sabrina Crawford, the instructor who was instrumental in securing LMC inclusion in this process.. "Not only will they receive the benefit of a thorough understanding of the processes involved in using formative assessment in the classroom, when they apply for jobs, they will come with certificates of completion in this training process."

All teacher education students at LMC, including extended campus locations, will experience the benefits of the inclusion of NC FALCON into their educational course work. Sabrina Crawford will also oversee the training of Lees-McRae College education faculty using the NC FALCON. Furthermore, Lees-McRae's implementation plan that was submitted to NCDPI for approval was used as a model template for other schools and districts.

Lees-McRae College will also be able to offer teachers in schools districts of western North Carolina continuing education units if they receive their NC Falcon training with the College.

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