March 15, 2010
Nina Fischesser receives award from Wildlife Rehabilitators of North Carolina

Nina Fischesser, director of the Blue Ridge Wildlife Institute and professor of wildlife rehabilitation at Lees-McRae, was recently honored by the Wildlife Rehabilitators of North Carolina (WRNC) for her generosity and hard-work.

Fischesser was the first president of the WRNC, serving from 2001-2002. Since then three additional presidents have helped the organization grow and prosper, each serving two year terms.

Each year the WRNC awards four $300 grants to North Carolina residents to help them build Chimney Swift Towers on their property. Three of these four grants were named for the three of the past presidents of the WRNC: Nina Fischesser, Linda Bergman and Elizabeth Hanrahan.

To accompany this honor, the WRNC recognized each individual with an inscribed MovaGlobe. The inscription on the base includes their name and years of service along with the phrase, "You make the world a better place."

"Because we work with so many swifts every year, and they are so labor intensive and challenging, I have always felt very close to that species. Naming the chimney swift grant after me is one of the highest honors I could ever receive!" said Fischesser.

Having one of the WRNC Chimney Swift Tower Grant's is a special honor for Fischesser since a Chimney Swift Tower was recently erected on top of Tufts Tower, the Lees-McRae College Bell Tower.

The tower was erected to allow the numerous chimney swifts found on Lees-McRae's campus a nesting ground where they could safely raise their young.

Wildlife Rehabilitators of North Carolina is a nonprofit, membership organization committed to sharing information and knowledge about wildlife rehabilitation for the benefit of native wildlife.

The purpose of WRNC is to provide educational opportunities for rehabilitators and educators at all skill levels. Activities of WRNC include compiling a statewide listing of active rehabilitators, sending out a quarterly newsletter, producing resource lists, assisting rehabilitators with public education efforts and assisting with training classes and procedure materials.

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