April 10, 2012
Lees-McRae librarian Donese Preswood helps spread love of reading through participation in World Book Night April 23

Lees-McRae College Librarian Donese Preswood has been selected to participate in World Book Night where she will give away special, not-for-resale editions of volume one of The Hunger Games. World Book Night takes place on April 23 is "a celebration to spread the love of reading and books," said Preswood.

Preswood will give away 20 copies of The Hunger Games at an Avery Middle school softball game in Newland, NC. Donese is one of 50,000 American volunteers selected to go into the community and present books from a 30-title selection.

Preswood chose The Hunger Games for multiple reasons. "We have a strong community connection to the story," she said. "The movie is creating a lot of buzz, I hope that encourages people to pick up the book and read it." She also hopes that the local participation will spark the interest of readers. "We have a local high school student, Myra McCoury, who was an extra in the movie."

She had to select from 30 book titles, but listed The Hunger Games as her first choice. "I was so excited to get selected," she said. "Part of the story takes place in 'District 12.' It's an area like the Appalachian Mountains, and so I thought it would be a great way to spark interest in The Hunger Games trilogy in this region."

World Book Night was launched in 2011 in the UK and quickly spread to the US. The event is free to those volunteers, like Preswood, who have been selected to participate. The books are provided by publishers, The American Booksellers Association, and Barnes & Noble. These groups have stated that "this is about getting more people to read"�people always want advice on what to read." So this provides an opportunity for those who might otherwise overlook The Hunger Games.

World Book Night also tied in with a Lees-McRae event as the school hosted Elizabeth Baird Hardy, who led a discussion on The Hunger Games in the Stafford Room of the James H. Carson Library on March 29.

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