October 14, 2013
Alumnus of the Month: Casey Myers ’97

Casey Myers ’97 came to Banner Elk as a student and has really never left.  “It is because of Lees-McRae that my husband and I now live in Banner Elk with our two children and big dog!  We met while I attended Lees-McRae, and after traveling for about six years after graduation, we decided to come back “home” to start our family.”

For Casey, Lees-McRae College holds a special place in her heart. “I have a ton of favorite memories, but I guess my favorite would be the sense of community that it gave me. Everyone knew everyone, and the teachers really knew and were supportive of the students. I loved being able to go for a hike or bike ride right out of my dorm room. It was great being so close to the ski areas, too.”   

Casey’s advice to current students is something she and her family take seriously.  “Get outside! Study hard and graduate, but get outside and appreciate the beauty of where you are. The fresh air here is priceless.”  You will often see Casey in the Banner Elk Park with her children or on a river trip with the whole family. For them, being outdoors is a way of life!

Casey also feels it is important to give back to Lees-McRae any way you can. “Be supportive of LMC regardless of what you can donate to them financially.  'Giving back' could mean speaking fondly of the school and encouraging others to come for a visit. 'Giving back' could mean volunteering a little of your time to help a project that may be going on.”

Casey is a wife, stay at home mom, and small business owner. “Banner Elk has been very, very good to us. I am so thankful for the time I had at Lees McRae. If not for it, I would not have found my husband or the future home for my family.”

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