November 11, 2013
Alumnus of the Month: Karen Gobble Meade ’86

Karen Gobble Meade’s love for Lees-McRae College is contagious. She lives for Bobcat Spirit and you can feel her enthusiasm in her interview for our alumni spotlight this month.

What is your favorite memory from Lees-McRae College?
I have many fond memories of LMC, from the moment I first visited campus in the fall of 1983 and hearing the beautiful bells ring in the bell tower to the day I moved into Pinnacle Inn in August of 1984 and become a part of the “Sisterhood” that I’ll never forget.  There were days we would roll in the leaves and run on the lawn in front of the Bell Tower, the walks and hikes down to The Mill Pond to study under the trees and listen to the water flow down the Elk River.  The days of adventure and swimming at The Elk River Falls, to sledding down the hill at the Perry House and snowball fights on Tate Lawn in 3 feet of snow, but most of all, the rush and excitement of Game Day! Students, alumni, family and friends filling up, and I mean filling up, the stadium seats and totally covering Bobcat Bank to cheer on the Bobcats! Football Saturdays were definitely the best at LMC! Waiting and listening for the team to Roar out of the “Hole”…We all knew the Bobcats were coming, coming to win!  We would dress in our finest Green & Gold with shakers in hand, cheering Bobcats! Bobcats! Bobcats! Homecoming was the highlight and still is today!

Can you attribute any of your current success to your time at Lees-McRae College?
I never dreamed that attending LMC would add to and enhance the already strong Christian foundation and influence that I grew up with.  I felt at home and I felt that all the students were family; It was a feeling of acceptance and camaraderie throughout the student body, faculty and staff.  That strong camaraderie still exists today.  I do have to say that I had one of the strongest influences in my life while at LMC and that was from none other than the late great O’dell Smith.  He was the best teacher/professor I ever had. He was a leader a friend and great mentor to not only me but to many of my classmates. I was a Christian and I read the Bible, but It was in my classes with O’dell Smith that I truly began to study and explore the Word of God, and there I started a much deeper walk and relationship with My Lord.  What an Inspiration and encourager he was, that’s why I enjoyed classes and thrived as a student, he respected the students and knew how to bring out the best in everyone.   What I gained, the education I received and some very key people I met as a student definitely attributed to who I’ve become and the successes I’ve had.  It was so much more than an education and degree. That’s why I give to The Fund for Lees-McRae and that’s why it so important to me to be a Bobcat Club member. Not only do I have a Bobcat Legacy in my son Brandon, class of 2014, but I want someone else to be blessed and changed for the good, the same way I was. What we send into the lives of others comes back into our own ten-fold.  I was blessed, my family is being blessed and my son, student/athlete is being blessed because of this wonderful institution. I can’t begin to explain the joy and pride I feel that my son had the same passion and desire to be a Bobcat!  I will always do my best and give all that I can to support the advancement of LMC.  The legacy will continue in the Gobble/Meade Family.

What advice would you give to current LMC students?
Use every moment as a learning experience; listen carefully to those who are speaking truth and life into you!  Look for the beauty and good all-around because it will be found at LMC. Have fun as a college student but DO NOT party your future away!  Truly dedicate yourself to becoming the best engaged student/athlete you can, because you can’t get these moments back to do over!  Make lots of friends, cultivate and cherish those relationships -- they will be the best and longest lasting of your lifetime. Become “Sold Out” on yourself and your future! Become ALL that GOD intends you to be!

What are you currently doing?  Married, children, career, living?
Married to the Love of my life, Scott Meade for 27 years, currently reside in Mocksville, NC, mother of 3…..Danielle Meade, graduate of The University of Tennessee 2010 and Successful Business woman, and Brandon Meade, Student/Athlete LMC Men’s Soccer Team majoring in Clinical Psychology, Bobcat Legacy Class of 2014, and Madison Meade, high school sophomore aspiring to be a college athlete as well. 

  • Currently working as an Independent Freelance makeup artist and Color Specialist in Performing Arts (I have been doing this for 27 years)
  • Worked 15 years as Sales Director for Mary Kay Cosmetics earning Top Director and Pink Car Status.
  • Worked for Omnitrition International a Nutritional Co. for 6 yrs. as a National Supervisor leading the fastest growing team in the Co.
  • Realtor/Broker for GMAC Real Estate The Realty Team
  • The most demanding, rewarding and treasured position I hold is being a wife and mother.

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Karen Gobble Meade ’86 (left) being presented the Alumni Service Award by Martha McAfee ’86 (right) during Homecoming 2013.