July 03, 2013
Career Services hosted Summer Splash on June 22

On Saturday, June 22, Career Services hosted Summer Splash at the U.S. National Whitewater in Charlotte. 13 students, including one incoming freshman, participated in the day’s events. As part of the day-long focus on team building and collaboration, students were divided into two groups and went rafting under the direction of guides at the Whitewater Center.

“I had a great time whitewater rafting!” said Rachael Nobbs, a junior at Lees-McRae College. “It helped teach me how to be an active listener and build my team skills!”

In the afternoon, students and leaders gathered to talk about leadership and group dynamics. Students learned about their own type of leadership style by taking a leadership skills inventory. Students were then divided up into groups and each group was given a specific leadership skill to study. Those skills included dealing with multi-culturalism in the workplace, making decisions with limited information, and active listening and giving feedback. Each group then presented the information to their fellow students. Student creativity was very much on display with two of the groups choosing to create and perform skits as their method of presentation.

“The Career Services Summer Splash was a fun way to spend some time learning about leadership skills and putting some of what we leaned into practice,” said Meagan Kelly, a senior at Lees-McRae.

The final activity of the day involved students once again practicing their group skills by attempting to move a bucket of “toxic waste” to a safe area without spilling the contents or getting anyone in their group “killed” by the radiation. The students demonstrated a great cooperative attitude and worked very well together to accomplish this challenging task.

“The Career Services programs always get me involved and able to learn new life lessons,” said Sarah Monday, a junior at Lees-McRae. “The rafting trip was an awesome way to learn teamwork and I enjoyed every second.”

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Students on the whitewater rafting trip.
Students on the whitewater rafting trip.