September 25, 2013
Donor Spotlight: Wendell Boggs ’57

Wendell Boggs ’57
Class Agent
Former President, Lees-McRae Alumni Board

Wendell Boggs is passionate about the importance of alumni giving back to Lees-McRae. “We got a deal by today’s standards. Tuition, Room/Board and Laundry was $600 per academic year, but in those days, our families had the same struggles coming up with the finances of sending us to college as families do today in sending their children to college. People helped us along the way and I think it is important for alumni to take their turn in supporting today’s students.”

“My basketball coach took me to Lees-McRae and I fell in love with the place. I made good grades in high school and looked at bigger schools, but Lees-McRae was the right choice for me. Fred I. Dickerson ’31 was our basketball coach at LMC.” Wendell earned his Associate in Arts degree at LMC and went on to UVA where he earned his BS in Education.

“The Fund for Lees-McRae bridges the gap between how much students actually pay in tuition and the actual cost the College incurs by educating students. It is so incredibly important for alumni to give to sustain the institution called Lees-McRae. The College is about far more than an individual person, program or team—it is about the place that gave us our start towards building our careers and future. It is the responsibility of alumni to ensure that LMC not only survives as an institution, but thrives. It’s up to us.”

Wendell, originally from Abingdon, Virginia, and his wife, Tana, split their time between their homes in Lincolnton and Newland, North Carolina. They raised two daughters.

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Wendell Boggs ’57