April 09, 2013
Seven Lees-McRae elementary education alumni named Teacher of the Year

Lees-McRae is proud to announce that seven alumni of the Extended Campus Elementary Education program at Surry Community College have been named Teacher of the Year at their respective institutions. All of these individuals are now being considered for Teacher of the Year at the district level.

"This accomplishment is a clear testament to our program and faculty,"� said Kacy Crabtree, vice president for academic affairs at Lees-McRae. "We have much to celebrate with our Surry Elementary Education program and Lees-McRae alumni!"�

The recipients of this honor are as follows: Amanda Adams (White Plains Elementary School in Mount Airy, N.C.), Brandy Rogers Lawson (Lawsonville Elementary School in Peters Creek, N.C.), Brooke Golding (Pilot Mountain Middle School in Pilot Mountain, N.C.), Lori Beasley (Dobson Elementary School in Dobson, N.C.), Pedro Caro (Franklin Elementary School in Mount Airy, N.C.), and Sarah Johnson (Rockford Elementary School in Dobson, N.C.). Additionally, Stacy Hodge was named Teacher Assistant of the Year at Rockford Elementary School in Dobson, N.C.

"What sets our program apart from others and allows us to develop such superior teachers is the personal attention from staff and faculty,"� said Kate Gavenus, director of extended campus programs. "This, combined with the programmatic emphasis on the Reflective Teacher model, helps our students to achieve their full potential and enter the field of education prepared and ready to have a positive impact on the lives of children."�

The extended campus four-year degree in Elementary Education is designed for students who already have a two-year degree. This full-time program takes two years to complete and results in a BA or BS in Elementary Education. Classes are scheduled in afternoons or evenings two days per week and are taught by highly qualified LMC faculty. Classroom observation, assisting and student teaching take place in the student's own community.

"Student teachers from Lees-McRae College are prepared for education in the 21st century,"� said Kimberly Simmons, North Carolina Educator Evaluation Consultant, NCDPI. "I am so impressed with Lees McRae's program. They are leading educator preparation with innovative strategies and a strong commitment to pushing forward in a time of educational change."�

The Teacher Education program has achieved the high standards required to maintain accreditation by The Teacher Education Accreditation Council (TEAC) and the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction (NCDPI). Lees-McRae's program is one of four in the state of North Carolina that has chosen to participate in NC FALCON, North Carolina's Formative Assessment Learning Community's Online Network. This program supports the implementation of formative assessment in North Carolina classrooms and professional learning community where challenges and successes can be shared with expectations of positive collaboration.

Serving as the lead pilot university to embed this training in their education program, Lees-McRae students not only participate in the professional development series, but are trained in using specific strategies to determine student performance in their classroom, create unit curriculum plans that embed these strategies, and prepare to implement their plans during their student teaching.

For more information about elementary education at Lees-McRae, please contact Robin Buchanan, chair of the Department of Education, at or 828.898.8747, or Kate Gavenus, director of Extended Campus Programs, or (828) 898-2518.

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