A Letter of Thanks and Praise from President BuxtonA Letter of Thanks and Praise from President Buxton

A Letter of Thanks and Praise from President Buxton

Our Many Blessings

God is blessing Lees-McRae College in so many ways and we give thanks. We give thanks for our talented faculty, hard-working staff, dedicated alumni, devoted trustees, patient advisors, community friends, and most especially for our students and parents. Each is playing a pivotal role in the continuing revitalization of Lees-McRae College. As we approach the holiday season, we say a special prayer of gratitude. We are blessed and we are grateful.

Everywhere I look on campus, I see energetic leadership and a “can-do” attitude that is a hallmark of our Lees-McRae Family. The skill, creativity, and intellectual rigor of each academic division is crucial in the educational experience of Lees-McRae students. I am confident our students are being prepared for a life of success and significance.

We are all excited about the new May School of Nursing and Allied Health (see photos). Construction is running ahead of schedule and we now have Dr. Laura Fero, a highly respected director, to lead that division of the College. The new Lauritsen Technical Theatre and Design Studio (see photos) is beginning to take shape as we implement plans to grow our Performing Arts and Summer Theatre programs.

The new Family Association is allowing parents and families to get involved, not just in the lives of their children but also in the revitalization of Lees-McRae. And where would we be without the love and stewardship of our alumni? Alumni are rallying around their alma mater with a new Class Agent Program and a strong Alumni Board. We’re so proud of our alumni!

Together, with faithful courage and hopeful hearts, we will continue to strengthen this unique College and achieve our destiny. God bless you and Lees-McRae College.

President Buxton