Lees-McRae College educates and inspires students to approach life and work from a creative, collaborative, and critical perspective in preparation for diverse careers and environments.

Hallmarks of a Lees-McRae College Education

The Lees-McRae graduate will be known for academic achievement, professional skills and concern for humanity. Through a variety of curricular and co-curricular experiences, Lees-McRae students will have opportunities which prepare them to:

  • Communicate effectively through writing and speaking
  • Think independently and critically when solving problems
  • Appreciate diversity and actively strive to collaborate with others
  • Develop informed career plans that include experiential learning
  • Exercise leadership and positive self-esteem
  • Express consideration of others and address concerns of humanity through service
  • Achieve physical and emotional well-being in harmony with intellectual accomplishment
  • Embrace technology when learning and communicating professionally
  • Experience Lees-McRae fully through year-round curricular, co-curricular and/or work experiences
  • Demonstrate a lifelong interest in learning