Application and Interview PreparationApplication and Interview Preparation

Application and Interview Preparation

After you've found a job you're interested in applying for, you must get your foot in the door and, for most jobs, and you do that with a well crafted résumé and cover letter. This can also be required for paid internship opportunities. In some cases, especially in the education and health-care fields, you may be asked to submit a CV (short for curriculum vitae) instead of a résumé.

The information found in this section is not meant to be an all inclusive guide to creating the perfect résumé and cover letter. You are strongly encouraged to seek the assistance of the career counselor in the career resource center to provide feedback and suggestions for your individual résumé. Your academic advisor or program coordinator is also a good source of assistance with your résumé.

Résumé  |  Cover Letter  |  CV (Curriculum Vitae)

Interview Prep

You're excited because your well written cover letter and résumé have impressed a potential employer and you have received an invitation for an interview. Now what do you do? These steps will help you prepare for phone and in-person interviews. Follow the links below to complete the three steps for preparing for an interview. For a brief checklist of the steps in this section, click here.

Preparing for Telephone and In-Person Interviews  |  The Telephone Interview

The In-Person Interview