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Career Exploration

The college experience is unparalleled and affords you many opportunities which will ultimately shape the person you will become and prepare you for the career of your choosing. As you encounter these life-shaping experiences, be sure to enjoy them, but also to keep your end goal in mind—getting a job after you graduate. For some of you who are still unsure of your individual career path and goals, this is a daunting task. For this very reason, we have many tools at your disposal, including the following:

Myers-Briggs Personality Type
Note that this not the official Myers-Briggs test but is a free version that will help you identify your personality type.

3smart Cubes
Website with a number of different career and personal tests. Must sign up in order to receive results.

Website that allows you to explore careers and the educational and training requirements for each

Occupational Outlook
Official site of the Bureau of Labor Statistics featuring an occupational finder index.