Birth-Kindergarten at Surry Community College


This program is no longer enrolling new students. Please review our Online Learning programs and learn about degree-completion opportunities through Lees-McRae. Learn more

About the Program

The Birth-Kindergarten Education program prepares well-educated teachers who are competent, dedicated professionals with high ethical standards to serve as reflective practitioners for young children in their care. This program offers the general education core courses and teacher education core courses not completed in a typical A.A.S. program in order to provide a Bachelor of Science degree to the graduate.

Birth-Kindergarten educators provide the care, nurturing, and leadership that young people need to develop. The Lees-McRae program provides a strong course of study based on the Teacher Education program that promotes positive and holistic development of teachers. This framework, which serves as the philosophy of the program, guides students and faculty alike to incorporate the best practices in Birth-Kindergarten education and make personal reflections into their motivations and effectiveness in the classroom or early childhood setting.

The Birth-Kindergarten Education Program is designed for traditional, non-traditional, and adult students alike who wish to become licensed Birth-Kindergarten teachers (B-K) in the state of North Carolina. Lees-McRae offers the junior and senior years of a 4-year teacher education program. The program is built on an Associate’s Degree in Early Childhood Education, meaning that the first two years, taken at a community college, provide most of the practical methodologies for working with an early childhood population. The final two years emphasize the general education core and the organization and development of the teaching environment. This arrangement allows students to complete their 4-year degree close to home, and at the same time offers students with transfer coursework from other institutions (including a
Bachelor’s degree) the opportunity to complete their Birth-Kindergarten teacher education coursework for state licensure.

Courses in the Birth-Kindergarten Education major are designed to meet the learning outcomes identified as being crucial for the preparation of teachers of young children. They form an appropriate balance of knowledge, philosophy, and theory with methods and practice. The courses are based on Teacher Education Accreditation Council (TEAC) standards, North Carolina Department of Public Instruction (NCDPI) competencies, and the teaching of the North Carolina Standard Course of Study (NCSCS). The Birth-Kindergarten Education program is accredited by NCDPI, and
therefore, affords graduates opportunities for licensure and employment.