Criminal Justice at Western Piedmont Community College



Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences in Criminal Justice Requirements:

General Core Curriculum

Completion of the Associate of Applied Science in Criminal Justice degree or a related field. Community college coursework must include three specific Criminal Justice courses, CJC 111, CJC 121, and CJC 132. These courses are equivalent to Lees-McRae College courses CRI 221, CRI 311, and CRI 325. 

Required Liberal Arts Courses | 18 Credit Hours

Major Requirements | 33 Credit Hours

*Open only to students who are currently employed in the CJ field,or have worked in the field in the last five years.

Course Equivalencies

Click here for list of courses offered at Mayland, Wilkes, and Western Piedmont Community Colleges as they transfer to Lees-McRae College to meet the Bachelor of Applied Arts and Science requirements for a major in Criminal Justice.

Sample Two-Year Plan

*Must be completed in the senior year