What is an Honors Course?What is an Honors Course?

What is an Honors Course?

Honors courses tend to be qualitatively, rather than quantitatively, different from classes that do not carry the honors designation. Instead of more papers, tests, and projects, honors students can expect to explore subjects in greater depth. Professors expect better analysis and a higher order of thinking from students enrolled in honors classes, and students may be called upon to collaborate with peers and faculty in classes that carry the honors designation more frequently than in other classes.

There are three types of honors courses: a) Several core courses are designated as honors classes, and honors students are enrolled with their peers in these classes. b) In consultation with professors, students may add an honors component in any of their upper level courses. c) Students also have the option of developing an individualized honors course in consultation with faculty. In all three types of classes, honors components replace or augment existing course requirements. The emphasis always falls on deeper enquiry than in traditional classes. All three types of honors classes are marked with an HON prefix on students' transcripts.