Biology & Chemistry ResourcesBiology & Chemistry Resources

Biology & Chemistry Resources

Titles with or (L) beside them indicate NCLive or LMC resources, accessible from campus computers or by password only. LMC students, faculty, and staff may obtain passwords by contacting the library.

General and Interdisciplinary Databases from NCLive

Academic Search Premier Provides abstracts and indexing for over 8,200 scholarly journals covering a wide variety of subject areas from 1975 to present.

MasterFile Premier Covers a wide variety of topics from about 3,100 magazines and journals from 1984 to present.

WorldCat Union catalog of materials held in libraries world-wide.

BioTech: Life Sciences Resources and Reference Tools

Encyclopedia of Life Sciences

GREENR Global Resources on the Environment, Energy and Natural Resources

Integrated Taxonomic Information System

PLANTS National Database


PubMed Central

EurekAlert! Science News


Entomology Index of Internet Resources

Flowering Plant Gateway

Internet Directory for Botany

Tree of Life

CABI Biosciences Databases

Other Scholarly Resources

Major Biomes of the World

National Human Genome Research Institute

Species 2000


River Systems of the World


Reference Sources

Encyclopedia of Life Sciences


Frank Potter's Science Gems

Other Scholarly Resources

NIST Chemistry WebBook

Virtual Chemistry Lab