Business Administration, BA, BS, Minor


Business Administration Concentrations

Lees-McRae College offers a Bachelor of Arts/Science Degree in Business Administration with Concentrations in
Accounting, Finance, International Business, Management, Marketing and Small Business Development. These
Concentrations prepare the student to pursue a career and/or advanced degree in the applicable field. A Concentration
requires a minimum of 12 semester hours within the Concentration above the Core Curriculum and the required
curriculum for a Business Administration degree.


The concentration in Accounting develops a strong base of business knowledge while building the accounting skills that can be of value in many industries. The coursework prepares the student for entry to graduate school in accounting and provides 120 credit hours of the required 150 credit hours required to sit for the C.P.A. exam. Coursework includes the study of Financial Accounting, Managerial Accounting, Taxation, Auditing and Accounting software along with a general business and general education core.

Required Courses | Choose 12 Credit Hours


The concentration in Finance allows students to focus on how individuals and businesses make financial decisions and manage money. Students acquire knowledge about how firms make financial decisions, acquire and allocate funds,
and how markets operate. A strong emphasis is placed on spreadsheet utilization and design. Careers in finance demand analysis and attention to detail and include positions in corporate finance, banking and investments.

Required Courses | Choose 12 Credit Hours

International Business

The concentration in International Business develops global, strategic thinkers who are prepared to work in and with multinational corporations. Courses examine applied concepts and in depth theories relevant to conducting global business. International business requires a study abroad component as well as additional course work in global education.

Required Courses | Choose 12 Credit Hours


The concentration in Management provides the knowledge of business, the strong interpersonal and organizational skills, and the training in leadership needed to make tough, strategic decisions that are critical to any company’s success. Tasks such as planning and forecasting, staff selection, and motivating team members to reach organization goals will be covered through case study simulations as well as service learning opportunities.

Required Courses | Choose 12 Credit Hours

*BUS 421 can fulfill the Junior Seminar Component for Core Requirements


The concentration in Marketing develops a competitive advantage through courses that offer firsthand, practical experience shaping the advertising, promotion, and sales tactics of real-world products while developing a solid understanding of business concepts. Many students who concentrate in marketing go on to work in brand management, sales, marketing research and consulting, and entrepreneurial ventures.

Required Courses | Choose 12 Credit Hours

Small Business Development

The concentration in Small Business Development focuses on students who intend to enter a family business, work in the small business sector, start your own business, or buy an existing business. Innovation and entrepreneurial initiatives are essential components to the developing and managing small business and ventures. 

Required Courses | Choose 12 Credit Hours