Core CurriculumCore Curriculum

Core Curriculum

The Core Curriculum is the cornerstone of the academic experience at Lees-McRae College designed to foster a 21st Century approach to critical, creative, and collaborative inquiry. We prepare students with the knowledge and skills to pursue diverse careers or graduate study, and to engage in cross-disciplinary discourse.

Student Learning Outcomes

A. Students will develop the values and attitudes necessary to understand, recognize, and exhibit ethical behaviors and responsible citizenship. (Values and attitudes)

B. Students will be able to articulate the relationship between the individual and diverse cultures in order to address contemporary issues and enduring questions. (Cultures and diversity)

C. Students will demonstrate an understanding of the natural world and the interdependence of people in the environment. (Interdependence and the natural world)

D. Students will possess the skills necessary to understand, evaluate, and apply knowledge from various disciplines to new settings and complex situations. (Communication/Skills)

Students will be able to choose from a variety of courses to meet the following requirements:


Written and Oral Communication 6 credit hours
Fine Arts 3 credit hours
Literature 3 credit hours
Lifetime Wellness 2 credit hours


Quantitative 3-5 credit hours
History 3 credit hours
Natural Science 3 credit hours
Social Science 3 credit hours
Religion 3 credit hours


First Year Seminar: Self and the Environment 3 credit hours
Sophomore Year Seminar: Career and Life Planning 3 credit hours
Junior Seminar: Global Citizenship and Ethics 3 credit hours
Senior Seminar: Senior Research and Seminar (as required through individual programs) 0 credit hours*

*Course credit is received through the co-requisite in each individual program

See full requirements of the 2013-14 Core Curriculum in the College Catalog. (pg. 41)