Communication Arts and Design, BA, BS, Minor


About the Communication Arts and Design Program at Lees-McRae College

As our world changes, so do our modes of communication. Lees-McRae College prepares students to be diverse. Our Communication Arts and Design program is based upon the concept of convergence. It offers students a unique combination of theory, creativity, practical skill and technological expertise. These elements are blended into a unified curriculum that is broad while maintaining a depth of focus on major communication fields. With this they build on a foundation of knowledge and practical experience.

All Communication Arts and Design majors are required to take a variety of courses in various media to obtain versatility in their chosen field. Each student will be provided with a strong core foundation. From there students can choose between three distinct concentrations to further refine skills within their chosen area of interest.

The Communication Arts and Design program prepares students for future careers by offering a challenging classroom environment with one-on-one instruction that adapts to our ever-changing world.

We offer:

  • A strong student faculty relationship
  • An environment that encourages exploration and experimentation
  • Experience for students to create, construct, produce and invent creative ways of communication
  • Practical experience outside the classroom through Internship opportunities
  • Current software, applications and equipment to keep our students competitive

Our goal is to inform, educate and motivate students to reach their artistic potential. The Communication Arts and Design program provides an opportunity for students to achieve the knowledge and skills needed to be successful in their chosen career.