Musical Theatre, BFA


Musical Theatre Curriculum

Unlike the Performing Arts Studies degree, BFA students are required to complete only two competencies: Performance and Academic Review, Personal Reflection and Service, but are required to complete coursework in all five competency areas.

  • General Core Curriculum
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts Requirements (listed below)
  • Major Requirements and Electives in Each Competency (listed below)

Bachelor of Fine Arts Requirements

Proficiency in a foreign language, demonstrated through:

  • Graduation from a high school where all instruction was conducted in a language other than English
  • Passing a CLEP or other designated examination at the intermediate level
  • Completion of one of the College’s language sequences through the intermediate level (non-Spanish). Intermediate level proficiency (for students enrolled in Spanish) will be demonstrated by the successful completion of SPA 211 or a higher level 3-hour SPA course

Major Requirements | 75 Credit Hours