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Ghost Story Contest

Lees-McRae College students showed their macabre side this Halloween as they created spine tingling horror tales to submit to the English Department’s Ghost Story contest. Over 20 creative writers from various fields of study conjured up a variety of chilling masterpieces of no more than 500 words.  Dr. Joslin, Ms. Weaver, Ms. Olson and Ms. Shaffner spent a frightening few days reading the stories to choose the top three based on originality, fright factor, creativity and style.

“Choosing among these excellent tales was difficult, as each one has its unique twist, but we certainly enjoyed the process and applaud all our contestants,” said Dr. Joslin.  “We hope everyone on campus will take time to read some of the stories.”

2013 Ghost Story Contest Winners

1st Place

Author: Jamison Carrigan
Title: Clinical

“Let’s explore those feelings a little more,” Dr. Wilson continued.

Cora had not told anyone this story, but the release of these emotions had been helpful to her. A working woman of fifty-­‐three, and with relatively little excitement in her single, childless life, she had no one in whom she could truly confide. A story as far-­‐fetched as hers would surely scare away anyone besides a licensed professional, she figured.
“Alright,” said Cora. “Seeing her again just really irked me.”

“Why is that, do you think?”

Setting aside the fact that her mother had died nearly ten years prior, Cora had never really seen eye-­to‐eye with her on anything. The product of what she was sure was a one-­‐night stand, Cora Reeves was raised by her mother alongside her younger brother, who looked nothing like her. Probably just another accident-­‐child from her bitch of a mother. Cora said all of this to her therapist.

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2nd Place

Author: Hayden Moses
Title: Others

The hairs on the back of Sam’s neck prickled. Hard goosebumps sped down his arms, he shivered. The day was average, as was the wind; neither were cause for his unnatural reactions. “I need some sleep,” he thought. He turned the corner, hustled down the street. The sky overhead was dark, the stars unable to shine through the light of the city. A few Others, nameless, faceless, silently ghosted the streets. They neither made way for Sam nor recognized him. Sam avoided them, keen of the consequence for being caught.

Rubbing his arms in attempt to calm the goosebumps, Sam picked up his pace. It was close to that time. He longed for the comfort of the couch. Normally he wouldn’t be out, not today; but Spirit needed food. Sam cursed himself for procrastinating. Other things needed done, of course; they’d wait. For now, Sam was focused on getting inside, locking doors, drawing shades, turning off electrics. Getting Spirit in her crate. The Others were listless; the time would be soon. Only a few blocks. “I can make it,” he promised himself,  jogging.

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3rd Place

Author: Lockwood Ray
Title: Photos

I love photography; so when I found a Canon Rebel lying on the sidewalk, I had to take advantage of the opportunity. The only odd detail I noticed about the camera was that the name “John Doe” was scratched into the surface. I thought it was odd that such a fake name was used, and believed it to be a crime that it was scratched like it was. Anyway, I took many pictures of my friends over the week to celebrate the occasion.

So, now it was time to edit. My SD Card was full, so I had plenty to do. I rushed to my dark bedroom, turned on my laptop, and ejected my camera’s SD Card. My excitement, along with all feelings of warmth, drained from my heart and face. The SD card ejected smoothly, along with warm, thick blood that poured from the slot, like paint falling from a thick brush. Was it some kind of prank? Was the camera planted just to mess with me? The blood was really well done if that was the case; even really warm.

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Faculty Winner

Author: Gene Spears, Chair of the Division of Science and Mathematics
Title: Shuffles

It was mid-morning on a bright, spring day and I was walking across campus to the town post office.  About fifty yards away, I looked up and saw my old college professor, Harry Johnston, walking towards the post office doors.  He was as I remembered him, a man in his early maturity, fiftyish, fit and trim with thinning hair and handsome in a quiet, Scandinavian way. 

But, as is often the case, what I immediately recognized was his distinctive walk.  In college, we had fondly nick-named the absent-minded professor “Shuffles”, though not of course to his face.  He walked down the halls and classrooms as if he were wearing a pair of ill-fitting bedroom slippers that were about to slide off his feet; this despite him being an active guy who regularly played tennis.  When the other science faculty learned of his nick-name, they would chuckle quietly, recognizing its appropriateness.

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