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Instructor of English and Rhetoric Megan Weaver and students perform a scene from Lysistrata in Dr. Joslin's World Literature class.

Ghost Story Contest | 2014

Lees-McRae College students showed their macabre side this Halloween as they created spine tingling horror tales to submit to the English Department’s Ghost Story contest. 

1st Place

Author: Jamison Carrigan
Title: From the desk of Mr. Alexander G. Lambert, deceased

October 22, 2014
Detective Gomez,
Please find attached the collected papers from Mr. Lambert’s desk. They were found underneath the body and on the typewriter. Perhaps this will help in the investigation of his untimely death.
Sgt. Smith

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2nd Place

Author: Sarah McGuire
Title: 1 a.m.

1:15 a.m., the caller ID screen was dark. He angrily reached for the phone, pushing the unused condom off of his nightstand, and murmured, “Hello?” There was no one on the other end of the line. “Hello?” he said louder. It must have been the storm that had raged for hours. It had knocked out the TV just as he had turned on the news. Another lonely night without any luck at the local bar. One red lipped beauty had caught his eye and he had been so close…the bathroom door started to rattle and he sat up in bed.

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3rd Place

Author: Lockwood Ray
Title: Please Come Home Tonight

I am a stalker. I live for the fear, the unique smell of sweat, the sweet taste of panicked breath that characterizes my subjects. Each slap of a shoe against the sidewalk, every quick, almost neck breaking head turn, and every expansion and depression of the lungs makes me . . . happy . . . leaves me wanting. My favorite part of following my subjects home is the look on their faces when they have shut their doors behind them, safe in their homes. That long, deep exhale of relief only spurs me on my search for the weakness in their safe havens.  I always find a way in... always.

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Lees-McRae hosts North Carolina Poet Laureate Joseph Bathanti


North Carolina Poet Laureate Joseph Bathanti held a poetry workshop for English students and then read from his award-winning work during the Spring 2014 semester. A poet, novelist and short story writer, Bathanti has created a rich body of work that depicts life in the American where he has grown up. "I can't imagine a better place in the United States to be a writer than North Carolina," Bathanti says. "There is no place richer in literature, and no place that has celebrated writers in quite the same way as our state does."