History, BA, BS, Minor


About the Program

The mission of the history program at Lees-McRae is to inspire students to investigate and explore the past in order to critically approach the present.  Students will develop a body of historical knowledge and form critical perspectives on the diversity of the human experience. In doing so graduates in history gain valuable critical thinking, writing and speaking skills that will serve them no matter what career they choose. 

Unique Aspects of History at Lees-McRae:

Talented Faculty and Small Course Sizes
The program boasts two full-time PhDs who are both active researchers and writers. In this small school setting, students will work closely with faculty at all levels of the program. Upper-level history courses tend to have small sizes, where students can master and debate history in a seminar setting.  

Innovative Curriculum
In addition to traditional course offerings on subjects like the Civil War, Southern Appalachia, World War 2, and Modern Europe, the program boasts new courses that reflect the latest changes in scholarship and that coincide with the evolution and growth of Lees-McRae. Two upcoming highlights include a course on the global history of disease and epidemics (offered Spring 2014) and a course on sports history (Fall 2014).

Local Heritage
The program draws on the unique cultural resources of Lees-McRae and the surrounding southern Appalachian region. Students can conduct research in the archives of the Stirling Collection, take advantage of speakers and programs with the Stephenson Center and go on field trips to explore the rich heritage of the area. Courses like Wilderness and the American Mind, and the history of Southern Appalachia also reflect the strong influence of the local surroundings.