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You may want to consider one of the many ways you can leave a lasting legacy at Lees-McRae College. Regardless of which method you select, you will have the personal satisfaction of knowing you are strengthening Lees-McRae College and benefiting young men and women for generations to come.


This is the easiest way to make an estate gift to Lees-McRae College. Your estate will receive a charitable deduction.

Tax savings may be realized by your heirs. There are several different types of bequests which can help you meet your philanthropic desires.

Real Estate

Gifts of residence or other real estate enable you to avoid capital gains taxes and receive a charitable deduction.

Life Insurance

A fully-paid life insurance policy may be donated to Lees-McRae College. The donor will receive a charitable deduction based on the present value of the policy (an amount close to the cash value).

Name Lees-McRae College as a beneficiary of any life insurance policy you own.

Establish a new life insurance policy with Lees-McRae College as the owner and beneficiary - the donor pays annual premium, which is fully tax deductable.

Gift Annuities

A simple contract in which the donor(s) receives a specific return based on their age(s) at the time of the gift.

Immediate and deferred annuities can provide for a fixed income.


Many people believe that trusts are for the wealthy. While trusts can be very beneficial to the wealthy, often those with limited assets establish trusts to preserve their capital and increase the earning derived from it. You may establish a trust that will permit you to make a gift to Lees-McRae (and receive a charitable deduction) while increasing your income. We would be happy to discuss these various types of trusts with you and your attorney.

Charitable Remainder Trusts can provide both tax savings and provide for your heirs. There are a variety of Charitable Remainder Trusts that can help you realize your philanthropic dreams.