Message from Ken Sullivan

Dear Alumni,

I enthusiastically ask that you note and take proud interest in the grand advancement and transformation that has marked the recent history of our beloved alma mater. No matter when you were enrolled, today’s Lees-McRae is without comparison. To know that this is true, you only have to visit campus, talk to students or research the documented list of accomplishments of the past five years.

I want to report that LMC is perhaps, right now, at a most consequential time in its history. Tremendous progress in financial stability, enrollment gains, new academic programs, capital development, along with exceedingly bold leadership, have placed the institution in a critically strategic position. The question for the Board of Trustees is: What are we now to do differently? The Cabinet, Faculty and Board of Trustees are in the midst of rigorous self-examination; specifically, they are formulating the new five-year Strategic Plan.  

I can tell you that I am both humbled and very excited to represent you and all alumni in attending these ongoing efforts. And I trust and hope that you will involve yourself in the work at hand, contributing thoughts, ideas, or whatever will make me more confident and comfortable with my representation of you and your preferences. I thank all spirited alumni who have so generously contributed to recent achievements by responsible participation, gifting and investment. I trust you to commence or sustain your own stream of proud and indebted contribution in our alma mater’s grand life and story.

Very respectfully,

Ken Sullivan ’59
Alumni Representative,
Board of Trustees