Message from Ken Sullivan

Ken Sullivan

Dear Lees-McRae Alumni,

It's time to get on board with the transformational Lees-McRae College story. For too long now, many alumni have only watched, without believing or enthusiastically getting aboard to participate in the now well-established record of achievement. Never, in my long history of observation and evaluation, have I seen more value and satisfaction to be gained from making a gift in support of our Lees-McRae College.  

For years, alumni involvement in our beloved alma mater has been well below that of comparable institutions. But now, given our memories regarding days spent at Lees-McRae, the friends we made there, and the certain life benefits of our education there,  it's time to honestly assess our Lees-McRae experiences: "Pony up," endorse  and support the good news and advancements at LMC. Dollar amounts are insignificant when compared to the larger goal of participation.

Let's all commit to a gift—no matter the amount—and show the level of support that President Buxton, the College and their achievements warrant. Please respond to our Class Agent communications and plans for alumni involvement in the very bright LMC future. 

Alumni count in Lees-McRae's future and we should give a good and fair accounting of ourselves. I'm certainly counting on an impressive alumni response.

Ken Sullivan ’59
Alumni Representative,
Board of Trustees