The Fund for Lees-McRaeThe Fund for Lees-McRae

The Fund for Lees-McRae

The Fund for Lees-McRae is made up of all undesignated contributions from Lees-McRae’s loyal alumni, families, students, faculty, staff, friends, foundations and corporations. These gifts benefit all Lees-McRae students by supporting financial aid scholarship awards, classroom technology, course development, academic programs, institutional work-study program, theatrical productions, maintenance, repairs, and so much more. An undesignated gift to The Fund for Lees-McRae is arguably the most valuable, as it provides the College the flexibility to direct funds where the need is greatest.  Your annual, sustainable gift to The Fund for Lees-McRae will help bridge the gap between the rising costs of education and the income the College receives from tuition and endowment earnings.

All gifts, regardless of the amount, are welcome and appreciated. Gifts are tax-deductible. 

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Donor Spotlight: Christy Blair Chenausky ’99

Linville, North Carolina

I enjoy keeping my connection to Lees-McRae current. Making an annual gift helps me feel like I am, in a small way, giving back to a place that equipped me with so much. When I was at Lees-McRae, I earned scholarships and grants that made it affordable for me to study there. Giving to the annual fund is one way I can "pay it forward" by passing on to the next generation of Bobcats that blessing of affordable higher education . 

I have so many great memories from my time at Lees-McRae. I was fortunate to serve as SGA President during part of my time at Lees-McRae and planning social events was always a highlight of my Student Government duties. One of my favorite memories is decorating for and enjoying our homecoming dances. Unbelievably, the band ALWAYS let me sing with them for a number or two. Whether I remembered all of the words or not, it was always a lot of fun!

My only advice to current students is to really immerse yourself into the college experience offered at Lees-McRae. There is no time in your life more appropriate to focus on yourself - your studies and your passions - as now. On a small campus like Lees-McRae you can make a big difference - go for it!

Actively supporting Lees-McRae at any level is important because it is a formal investment in the health and future of Lees-McRae. If you care about Lees-McRae, if your experience there helped shape who you are today - consider making a gift, no matter the size.

Previous Donor Spotlights:

Wendell Boggs '57

Class Agent, Class of 1957
Former President, Lees-McRae Alumni Board

Wendell Boggs is passionate about the importance of alumni giving back to Lees-McRae. “We got a deal by today’s standards. Tuition, Room/Board and Laundry was $600 per academic year, but in those days, our families had the same struggles coming up with the finances of sending us to college as families do today in sending their children to college. People helped us along the way and I think it is important for alumni to take their turn in supporting today’s students.”

“My basketball coach took me to Lees-McRae and I fell in love with the place. I made good grades in high school and looked at bigger schools, but Lees-McRae was the right choice for me. Fred I. Dickerson ’31 was our basketball coach at LMC.” Wendell earned his Associate in Arts degree at LMC and went on to UVA and earned his BS in Education.

“The Fund for Lees-McRae bridges the gap between how much students actually pay in tuition and the actual cost the College incurs by educating students. It is so incredibly important for alumni to give to sustain the institution called Lees-McRae. The College is about far more than an individual person, program or team—it is about the place that gave us our start towards building our careers and future. It is the responsibility of alumni to ensure that LMC not only survive as an institution, but thrive. It’s up to us.”

Wendell, originally from Abingdon, Virginia, and his wife, Tana, split their time between their homes in Lincolnton and Newland, North Carolina. They raised two daughters.

Gary Moss '99

Gary gives back to Lees-McRae College as a Class Agent and a member of the exclusive President's Circle because he recognizes the opportunities afforded to him as a student.

"My Lees-McRae education has proven to be invaluable. It truly takes a group effort to make the Lees-McRae experience what it is. Between the student dedication, the staff and faculty commitment, and the President's leadership, LMC provides the education and experience that students need to be successful after college."

Gary is a Certified Financial Planner. He and his wife, Fuschia, reside in Boone, NC with their three children, Skylar, Thomas and Mitchell.