Parking Fees, Permits, Fines, Refunds and Regulations

The rules and regulations set forth in this policy have been developed to control traffic movement and parking for all persons utilizing the parking lots, roads and ways at Lees-McRae College.
Anyone operating a motor vehicle on property owned, operated or controlled by Lees-McRae College is subject to these regulations unless otherwise exempt by State and Federal laws, except as otherwise provided herein. The General Laws of the state of North Carolina and the Rules and Regulations of the North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles shall apply to the College campus and other lands of the College. It is the responsibility of all persons utilizing the College parking facilities to be aware of these regulations and obey such regulations.


The Director of Campus Security has designated every Campus Security Officer, that to expedite traffic or safeguard pedestrians in the event of fire or other emergency or special events, officers of the municipal or state police or fire department may direct or control traffic as conditions may require notwithstanding the provisions of these rules and regulations.

Lees-McRae College assumes no risk or liability for damage or loss for vehicles or vehicle contents when parked on Lees-McRae College property.


Privilege to Operate or Park a Motor Vehicle on Campus

Permission to operate a motor vehicle on the grounds owned, operated or controlled by Lees-McRae College is a discretionary privilege bestowed by the College.

Such privilege may be denied, revoked, suspended or modified by the action of the Officers of the College authorized to take such action.

All College employees and students must comply with the rules and regulations regarding parking as part of employment, appointment or enrollment. The regulations also apply to visitors and are considered part of the terms and permission to be on campus.


Authority to Post Signs

The Director of Campus Security, or his/her designee, is authorized to place and maintain all official traffic and parking signs, signals, markings and safety zones required on the campus and other lands of the College including the placement of temporary signs and markings as may be specifically required by emergencies or other special circumstances. Operators of vehicles used in and about the campus and other lands of the College shall conform to such signs, signals, markings and safety zones.


Interference with Signs

Any person who willfully, intentionally and without right defaces or otherwise tampers with, removes, interferes with or destroys any traffic or parking regulating sign, light, signal or marking device lawfully erected or placed on the campus or other lands of the College shall be subject to prosecution under the applicable criminal statute of the State of North Carolina.


Temporary Parking Regulation Changes

The Director of Campus Security may at times during the year suspend, change or revise the normal operating parking regulations to meet the needs of the College community and its operating functions i.e., Concerts, VIP visits, Commencement, Admissions Open House, etc. During such events, the College community will be notified of any parking changes and alternative-parking measures will be implemented for those parties who may be displaced from their designated parking areas.



By bringing a car on campus, the operator is agreeing to comply with the regulations of Lees-McRae College.

Every vehicle on campus must be registered with the Department of Campus Security. The vehicle must display a permit or temporary permit issued by the Parking Division. Parking permits or temporary permits that are not correctly displayed are not valid. 



Motor vehicles may be registered with the Department of Campus Security, Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m. Temporary permits for guests may be sought 24 hours a day at the Campus Security office. In the event officers are patrolling campus, contact the officer on duty by cell at 828-260-0505.

Students may only register one vehicle. Additional vehicles can be added by the security department (vehicle must be on campus). Students are not allowed to share a permit.

Faculty and staff registering cars must have a valid registration and proof of insurance.

Students may only register one car. The student applicant must present the following documentation to the Security Office.

  1. Valid Lees-McRae College ID
  2. Valid operator's license
  3. Valid vehicle registration
  4. Valid insurance policy

Guests of faculty, staff or parent of student may receive a limited temporary permit free of charge.

All other temporary permits are $3.00 per day.


Special Parking Needs

Persons with mobility impairments may obtain special parking permission by applying with the Security Office. Applicants should provide documentation from an attending physician regarding the impairment and the length of time the permit is needed. Medical exemptions will allow persons to park in certain designated areas. This exemption is not permission to park in fire lanes, walkways or other prohibited areas.

Lees-McRae College will honor all State Handicap Placards and Plates. 



Students are eligible to receive a parking permit when they are in their sophomore, junior or senior year. First year students are only allowed permits based on availability.

Upper class students may not register a motor vehicle belonging to a first year student. Attempts to circumvent this rule will result in fines, booting and possible revocation of parking privileges.

  • Students are never eligible for a faulty/staff parking decal. Any student vehicle displaying a faculty/staff decal will be considered unregistered and in violation of the College's parking rules and regulations.
  • The College does not guarantee parking will be available. A permit is merely permission to park legally in one of the College lots.
  • Students are responsible for all violations and fines incurred by a vehicle registered to them regardless of who was operating the car.


The general parking permit fee for residential and commuting students:

Lot Cost per Academic Year Cost per Semester
Apartments* $250 NA
Avery $175 $100
Bobcat Valley $175 $100
Commuter $100 $75
Hayes* $250 NA
Houses* $250 NA
McMillan* $250 NA
Tate* $250 NA
Track Lot $175 $100
Villages/cc* $250 NA
Williams Gym II $175 $100

* Tate, McMillan, Village/Cannon Cottage, Houses, Hayes and Apartments) are reserved for upperclassmen.

  • The parking permit fee for all motorized two-wheel vehicles (mopeds, motorcycles and scooters) is $50. Visit the Lees-McRae Security office to obtain a pass.

Student vehicles are placed on the boot list after receiving six violations regardless of whether or not the citations have been paid.

Students on the boot list, may lose their parking privileges if violations continue and the car is booted for a second time. The Boot removal fee is $60.00. Vehicles owners have 48 hours to pay and have boot removed or vehicle will be towed at owner’s expense.



Visitors to campus with any official state issued Handicapped placards are permitted to park in any marked handicapped spot on campus without obtaining any additional permits from Lees-McRae College. 

  • Visitors on campus for one or two days may simply be placed on the special parking list by the Security Office. Visitors who will be on campus for extended periods should receive a temporary permit from the Parking Division.
  • Guests of students may receive overnight parking permits for Hayes Lot only. Guests of students may not park on campus overnight without a temporary permit. 
  • Guest parking may not exceed 72 hours.

Hosts are responsible for notifying their guests or visitors of the parking rules and regulations and ensuring compliance.

  • Visitors who receive two or more citations are placed on the boot/tow list. The boot removal fee is $60 to be paid online here



All faculty and staff are eligible for parking permits. Faculty and staff may register more than one car. There is no cost to faculty and staff for parking permits.

The College does not guarantee available parking for all registered vehicles. During peak usage it may be necessary to park a distance from your office.

  • Lees-McRae College is designed as a walking campus and most walks are easily managed.
  • All parking rules and regulations and pertinent North Carolina General Laws are applicable to faculty and staff vehicles.
  • Parking citations will be put on faculty and staff vehicles found in violation of College policy. The Director of Campus Security will notify habitual violators (more than three citations per year) in email and the appropriate Department Head or Dean advised.
  • When a faculty or staff person sells or otherwise loses possession of a vehicle, the Security Office must be notified. If possible the permit should be returned to the Security Office. 


Special Events

When a department is hosting a special event on campus and a large number of unregistered vehicles will be present, the event host must coordinate parking with the Director of Security. The Director of Security will work with the event host to ensure that participants know where to park so as not to adversely impact the good working order of the College. Event parking may be restricted to certain lots at the discretion of the Director of Security. Event hosts are responsible for notifying attendees of the parking rules and regulations. 


Summer Programs

Parking Rules and Regulations are in effect during the summer months. The Summer Programs Office notifies participant groups of the parking regulations and issues short term parking permits. The permit fee is included in program costs and there is no additional fee.


Applying a Parking Permit

1. Visit and complete the parking registration.

2. Payment can be made by credit card directly thru RYDIN PermitExpress, Cash and checks must be paid directly to the business affairs office.

3. Please bring Student ID to the security office at the designated time announced at the beginning of each semester.

4. Lees-McRae College parking permits are designed to be hung from the rear view mirror in a motor vehicle. The permit should face the exterior of the window facing outward.

5. Old permits should be removed when a new permit is issued. 

6. Temporary Permits should be affixed in the proper location.


Refund Policies

Refunds for vehicle registration may be obtained if a written request is made to the Campus Security Office three weeks prior to the first day of classes.