Audition InformationAudition Information

Audition Information

LMST is seeking professional technicians for our 2016 season.

Positions available include:
Carpenters (multiple positons available)
Stitchers (multiple positions available)
Scenic Shop Supervisor
Costume Shop Supervisor

Dates of employment:
June 1 - August 8

Interested candidates should email a cover letter and resume to Erin Wallace, managing director, at  

How to audition/apply for positions in Lees-McRae Summer Theatre 2016


All auditions are electronic. If you are auditioning for a minor role and the director knows your work, you may not need to send a video. Be sure to ask. If you are auditioning for a leading role and/or the director does not know your work, you will need to submit a video. Below are the requirements for auditions for all the roles in the three plays. Casting has already begun but will begin in earnest in late December. Send all video/electronic submissions to Technicians/designers send information to Below please find:

Please note: no auditions for Patsy Cline are being accepted at this time.

Download a PDF of the audition information listed below >>

Mary Poppins Auditions


If your child is not interested in a featured part, he/she needs only to sign up. Send an email to If the child wants to audition for a part, please see Michael (boys) and Jane (girls) below for information. If your child is a dancer, we may need them in another scene. The children will be doing Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. Some may be dancing in the toy number.

Mary Poppins (the role)

Jane and Michael Banks's new nanny. She is extraordinary and strange, neat and tidy, delightfully vain yet very particular, and sometimes a little frightening but always exciting. She is practically perfect in every way and always means what she says. A mezzo soprano with strong lyric top notes, she should be able to move well. She can have a more traditional soprano sound, but precision and diction is the key. Female; age range is flexible but must show maturity. Range: Gb3 - C6

Spoonful of Sugar (Gb major) - Using lyric voice Any 8 bars or entire song if you like
Supercalifragilistic (Bb major) - Using belt/speak voice (Verse below)
and short section of Supercalifragilistic (Bb major)

Mary Poppins:
When trying to express oneself, it's frankly quite absurd,
To leaf through lengthy lexicons to find the perfect word.
A little spontaneity keeps conversation keen,
You need to find a way to say, precisely what you mean...
Even though the sound of it is something quite atrocious!
If you say it loud enough, you'll always sound precocious

Now then, the qualifications. "Item one: a cheery disposition." I am never cross. "Item two: rosy cheeks." Obviously. "Item three: play games, all sorts." Well, I'm sure the children will find my games extremely diverting. "Item four: you must be kind." I am kind, but extremely firm. You did advertise for a nanny, did you not?

Dialog (have someone read with you):
Mary: I want to see how you two measure up. Well, that's the funniest thing I ever saw. I know it's down here somewhere. Ah, ha-ha, ha-ha! Here it is. Good. Come along, then. Quickly. Head up, Michael. Don't slouch. Just as I thought. Extremely stubborn and suspicious.
Michael: I am not!
Mary Poppins: See for yourself.
Michael: “Extremely stubborn and sus--"
Mary Poppins: Suspicious. Now you, Jane. Mmm. "Rather inclined to giggle. Doesn't put things away."
Michael: How 'bout you?
Mary Poppins: Very well. Hold this for me. As I expected. "Mary Poppins. Practically perfect in every way."

Demonstrate or send reel of your most advanced dance style.

Mrs. Brill

Medium role. The housekeeper and cook for the Banks family. Overworked and harassed, she's always complaining that the house is understaffed. Her intimidating exterior is a cover for the warmth underneath. Mrs. Brill doesn't have a high opinion of nannies in general and Mary Poppins in particular. She does not have to be a strong singer. Female, 50-60 yrs. old Range: F#3 - D#5

If I do not know your work, please read the piece below, British accent, and send any vocal piece you have. Mrs. Brill is shouting to a nanny who was mean to the children as the nanny makes a huffy exit.

I’ll show you! Don’t you be trying to stop the wretched creature! Let her go; that’s what I say! And good riddance! I never liked her from the moment she set foot in the door!


The narrator of the story, is a good friend to Mary Poppins. An everyman, Bert has many occupations, including hurdy-gurdy player, sidewalk artist, and chimney sweep. Bert watches over the children as well as the goings on in Cherry Tree Lane. He has charm, speaks with a Cockney accent, and is a song-and-dance-man. He seems to have magical powers like Mary. Male, 30-39 yrs. old Range: B2 - F#4. Cannot be afraid of heights/flying.

Songs (both please):
Chim, Chim Cheree 1 verse; Step in time (1 verse)

Please read below in cockney accent. Don’t have to memorize. Part of it is part of a song, but read as dialog. (Cockney)

Wind’s in the east, mist comin’ in, like something is brewin’, about to begin. Can’t put me finger on what lies in store, but I feel what’s to happen all happened before. I’m sorry. Where was I? Thank you, one and all for your kind support. Ah, Mis Lark, thank you. Bless you guv. Generosity itself, that’s what you are. No charge. Oh, it’s you! Hello Number 17 Cherry Tree Lane, you say? All right. Come along with me. This here’s Cherry Tree Lane. Nice little spot you might say. Number 17’s just down a bit. Now this imposing edifice what first greets the eye is the home of admiral Boom, late of his majesty’s Navy. Likes his house shipshape, he does, shipshape and Bristol fashion at all times.

Show your best movement/dance in a short combination. (at least 32 bars)

Admiral Boom and Bank Chairman (and will be in ensembles) (most likely same actor will play)

Admiral Boom:
A retired Royal Navy man and neighbor of the Banks family. A physically large man with a loud and booming voice, he speaks in Navy jargon and has a soft spot for his neighbor, Miss Lark. Can be any vocal range as needed. Male, 50-60 yrs. old or can play that age.

Bank Chairman:
The head of the bank where Mr. Banks is employed, is an Edwardian stuffed-shirt. He can speak/sing his lyrics if necessary. Male, 50-60 yrs. old Range: C3 - D4. Very imposing; almost caricature.

If I have not seen you act, please send a video of your acting/singing. Please use British accent.


We will be hiring 6-8 dancers who can also sing.

If I have not seen your work, please send a dance audition of your best work and a vocal. If interested in speaking roles, add a monolog. You will be auditioning both for Mary Poppins and Pajama Game.

Bird Woman

Covered in a patchwork of old shawls, and her pockets are stuffed with bags of crumbs for the birds. She tries to sell her crumbs for the birds. She tries to sell her crumbs to passerby, who ignore her as if she doesn't exist. Sings "Feed the Birds." There can be a gruff, folksy quality to her voice that reflects the hardness of her life. Female, 50-70 yrs. old or can play that Range: Gb3 - C5 Will also be in ensembles.

If you have worked for the director before, ask if you need to send an audition. If not, send a video with Feed the Birds.

George Banks

The father to Jane and Michael Banks, is a banker to the very fiber of his being. Demanding "precision and order" in his household, he is a pipe and-slippers man who doesn't have much to do with his children and believes that he had the perfect upbringing by his nanny, the cruel Miss Andrew. His emotional armor, however, conceals a sensitive soul. A baritone. Male, 40-45 yrs. old Range: Bb2 - Eb4

Send video of you singing “A Man Has Dreams,” and present the following monologue in upper British accent. (Does not have to be memorized.)

Choosing a nanny for the children is an important and delicate task. It requires judgement, and an ability to read character. Under the circumstances I think it might be apropos to take it upon myself to, us, select the next person. Obviously the way to find a proper nanny, is to go about it in a proper fashion. I shall put an advertisement in the Times. Take this down please. “Wanted.” Uh, no. Uh. “Required. Nanny. Firm respectable, no nonsense.” Are you getting this, Winfred?

Jane Banks

The high-spirited daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Banks, is bright and precocious but can be willful and inclined to snobbishness. Female, 11 yrs. old (we will have some flexibility in age but must look like a child; not a teenager) Range: A3 - F#5

Send video of any song that shows range. Read following monologue with British accent. Also send dance/movement video where child moves/dances to music

Are we going on an outing with father? I don’t believe it! He’s never taken us on an outing before. He’s never taken us anywhere! However did you manage it? You must have put the idea in his head somehow. Where’s he taking us? Oh Michael, the city! And we’ll see all the sights and father can point them out to us!

Katie Nanna

Jane and Michael's nanny at the beginning of the show. Overwhelmed and upset, she has absolutely had her fill of the Banks children. Angry; mean. Female, 40 or above. Will also be in ensemble.

If the director knows your work, you might ask if you need to send a video. If not, send video of following monologue and add a song of your choice. Monologue does not have to be memorized. British accent

Mrs. Banks! I would like a word with you! The children, to be precise, are not here. They have disappeared again. Now if you could just pay me what I’m owed. My wages if you please. This is the fourth time, Mrs. Banks and I’ve had enough of it.

Michael Banks

The cute and cheeky son of Mr. and Mrs. Banks. Excitable and naughty, he adores his father and tries to be like him. Both he and Jane misbehave in order to get the attention of their parents. Male, 9 yrs. old (Age can be flexible as long as actor looks like he is a younger brother. Cannot look like a teenager.) Range: A3 - E5

Send video with a song and monologue below. British accent. Send movement piece where actor moves/dances to music.

Are we going on an outing with father? I don’t believe it! He’s never taken us on an outing before. He’s never taken us anywhere! However did you manage it? You must have put the idea in his head somehow. Where’s he taking us? Oh Michael, the city! And we’ll see all the sights and father can point them out to us!

Miss Andrew

George's overbearing and scary nanny. With her bottle of nasty-tasting brimstone and treacle to keep naughty children in line, she is a bully who only knows one way of doing things - her way. A soprano with an alto belt, there can be some heaviness to her voice along with the range. Female, 40-60 yrs. old Range: Gb3- F5 Will also be in ensemble.

Any monologue and any song.

Cameo Roles

Miss Lark
The haughty next-door neighbor of the Banks family who treats her dog, Willoughby, as if he were her child. Female, 30-40 yrs. old Speaking Role; also ensemble

Miss Smythe
The Bank Chairman's humorless secretary. Female, 40-50 yrs. old. Also ensemble

Mrs. Corry
Owns a magical gingerbread shop. She is a mysterious woman of great age who speaks with a Caribbean accent (or any accent that would make her seem exotic). Female, 40-50 yrs. old. Also ensemble

The statue of a young boy posed with a dolphin in the park. Neleus was separated from his father, Poseidon, and misses him very much. A small and lonely being, he is very happy to befriend Jane and Michael. This role is a wonderful opportunity to feature one of the strong dancers in your ensemble. Male, 16-20 yrs. old. Can be younger. Would need to see dance. Also ensemble

Park Keeper
Uniformed and officious, he makes sure no one breaks park regulations. His life is defined by rules. A neighborhood fixture who is respected by and observant of the households on his beat. Male, 30-50 yrs. old Also ensemble

Queen Victoria
A statue in the park. Female, 40-60 yrs. old Also ensemble

Von Hussler
A businessman seeking a loan from the bank for a shady business deal. He speaks with a German accent. Male, 30-50 yrs. old Also ensemble

Other small roles
Annie, Fannie, Valentine, Teddy Bear, Mr. Punch, Doll, Chimney Sweeps, Toys, Parkgoers

John Northbrook
An honest businessman seeking a loan to build a factory for his community. He speaks with an accent from Northern England. Male, 30-50 yrs. old

For any of these roles, please submit any comic monolog and song. Most characters have British accents or accent specified.

Robertson Ay

The houseboy to the Banks family. Lazy, sleepy, and grumbling, he never gets things right and believes himself to be useless. He doesn't do a lot of singing, but his "Spoonful" solo can be a fun surprise. Male, 20-30 yrs. old Range: F3 - G#4

Audition: Any song and comic monolog. Please do monolog in Indian accent

Winifred Banks

George's wife and Jane and Michael's mother. A former actress, she is a loving and distracted homemaker who is busy trying to live up to her husband's desire to only associate with "the best people" as well as be a model wife and mother. She suffers from the conflicting feelings that she's not up to the job of "being Mrs. Banks," yet, she is, and more. She has a great warmth and simplicity to her tone. Female, 30-40 yrs. old Range: A3 - D5

If possible, put “Being Mrs. Banks” on video. If not, put a lyrical soprano song. Please us the following dialog. Does not have to be memorized

What is it Katie Nanna? Where are the children? They’ve disappeared again?! Katie Nanna, this is really too careless of you. Doesn’t it it make the third time this week? Oh please, when do you expect them home? Oh gracious, Katie Nanna! You’re not leaving? What will Mr. Banks say? He’s going to be cross enough as it is to come home and find the children missing! Katie Nanna, I beseech you. Please reconsider. Think of the children. Think of Mr. Banks. He was just beginning to get used to you!

The Pajama Game Auditions

There are no children in The Pajama Game.


Click here for information on this role

Audition:  Send video with smart comic monologue, “There Once was a Man” and dance moves if you can add it.  

Sid Sorokin

Click here for information on this role

Audition:  Send video with smart monologue.  Song “There Once was a Man” and dance moves if you can add it.

Gladys Hotchkiss

Click here for information on this role

Audition:  Need to see video of your best dance ability, a comic acting piece and “Steam Heat” or another belt song

All Other Characters

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Audition:  Send a broad character monologue, singing audition and dance if you move well. 


Need six dancers who also sing.  Please send your best dance work and singing clip.