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Main Phone Number: 828-898-8725

Name Title(s) Phone Number Email CPO
McPhail, Craig Vice President of Athletics and Club Sports 828-898-2483 3730
Merrill, Jeffrey Director of Compliance/Title IX Coordinator 828-898-8783  3730
Parker, Chris Sports Information Director 828-898-8725 3730
Yackey, Merritt Associate Athletic Director/External Operations,
Head Softball Coach
828-898-8904 3730
Athletic Training
Smith, Rita Director of Athletic Training/SWA 828-898-8768 3730
Carson, Lucas Assistant Athletic Trainer 828-898-8892 3730
Roguska, Zee Head Athletic Trainer 828-898-8892 3730
Stiltner, Sara Instructor in the Division of Nursing and Health Sciences 828-898-8779  3730
Men's Basketball
Hamilton, Matt Head JV Coach, Assistant Men's Basketball Coach 828-898-8897 3730
Hardin, Steve Head Men's Basketball Coach 828-898-8897 3730
Jennings, Keith Assistant Men's Basketball Coach 828-898-8855  3730
Waln, Daniel Assistant Men's Basketball Coach 828-898-8897  3730
Women's Basketball
Duble, Matthew Assistant Women's Basketball Coach 828-898-3431 3730
Williams, Michele Head Women's Basketball Coach 828-898-2482 3730
Men's and Women's Cross Country
Fletcher, Ley Head Cross Country/Track & Field Coach 828-898-2562 3730
Hall, Tim Director of Cycling/Head Coach 828-898-3432 3754
Noto, PJ (Philip) Assistant Cycling Coach 828-898-3432 3754
Men's Lacrosse
Thornton, Darry Head Men's Lacrosse Coach 828-898-3510 3730
Women's Lacrosse
King, Alexandra Head Women's Lacrosse Coach  3730
Men's Soccer
Wall, Richard Head Men's Soccer Coach  3730
Women's Soccer
Magaña, Alberto "Kiko" Head Women's Soccer Coach  3730
Yackey, Merritt Head Softball Coach 828-898-8904 3730
Men's and Women's Tennis
Warren, Skylar Head Tennis Coach 828-898-2547 3730
Men's and Women's Track and Field
Ley Fletcher Head Cross Country/Track & Field Coach 828-898-2562  3730
Tilley, DeRico Assistant Track & Field Coach 828-898-8967 3730
Men's  Volleyball
 Chuang, Henry Head Men's Volleyball Coach