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Main Facilities Phone Number: 828-898-8730

Name Title(s) Phone Number Email
Vice President
McGowan, Bill Vice President of Facilities & Security 828-898-8776 mcgowanb@lmc.edu
Administrative Assistant
Freeman, Rhonda Administrative Assistant,
Office Manager
828-898-8730 freemanr@lmc.edu 
Granados, Sergio Custodian
Gwyn, Dianne Conferencing Custodian    
Bailey, Roger Garage 828-898-8985 baileyr@lmc.edu
Grounds Department
Birchfield, Charles Grounds Crew 828-898-8730
Chambers, John Grounds Crew 828-898-8730
Henderson, Dylan Grounds Crew 828-898-8730
Hicks, Terry Grounds Supervisor 828-898-8730 hickst@lmc.edu
Housekeeping Department
Bailey, Linda Housekeeping Supervisor 828-898-3173 baileylk@lmc.edu
Ballard, Sabrina Housekeeping Staff 828-898-3173
Clawson, Linda Housekeeping Staff 828-898-3173
Engel, Brenda Housekeeping Staff 828-898-3173
Horn, Mavis Housekeeping Staff 828-898-3173
Gouge, Dayton Housekeeping Staff 828-898-3173
Matney, Amanda Housekeeping Staff 828-898-3173
Norwood, Barbara Housekeeping Staff 828-898-3173
Sword, Sharon Housekeeping Staff 828-898-3173 swords@lmc.edu
Maintenance Department
Bailey, Scott Maintenance Crew 828-898-8730 baileys@lmc.edu
Bartlett, Sam Maintenance Crew 828-898-8730
Erwin, James Maintenance Crew 828-898-8730
Greene, Stephen Maintenance Crew 828-898-8730
Moser, Edward Facility Maintenance Supervisor and Locksmith 828-898-8915 mosere@lmc.edu
Townsend, Bruce Maintenance Crew 828-898-8730
Greer, Franklin Charles Security Officer greerf@lmc.edu 
Herman, William Security Officer hermanw@lmc.edu 
Mullins, Edward Security Officer mullinse@lmc.edu 
Pekrul, Zane Security Officer pekrulz@lmc.edu 
Sloan, William Security Officer
Stewart, Harry (HD) Security Supervisor 828-898-8756 stewarth@lmc.edu
Zastudil, Anthony Security Officer zastudila@lmc.edu