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Name Title(s) Phone Number Email CPO
Ackerman, George Adjunct Instructor of Criminal Justice (Online Learning) ackermang@lmc.edu 
Adams, Karri Adjunct Instructor of Education (Extended Campus) adamsk@lmc.edu 
Adamson, Paul Staff Accompanist 828-898-8878 adamson@lmc.edu 3731
Allinson, Duncan General Manager (Aramark) 828-898-8805 allinsond@lmc.edu  3726
Allen, Justin Director,
Hart Simulation Center
Emergency Medical Services and Management Program


Almond Carol Instructor of Physical Education 828-898-2495 almond@lmc.edu 3740
Anderson, Amy Interim Chair of the Division of Business Administration, Instructor of Business Administration/Marketing 828-898-8845 andersona@lmc.edu 3753

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Name Title(s) Phone Number Email CPO
Bailey, Linda Housekeeping Supervisor 828-898-3173 baileylk@lmc.edu 3724
Bailey, Roger Garage 828-898-8913 baileyr@lmc.edu 3724
Bailey, Scott Maintenance Crew 828-898-8730 baileys@lmc.edu 3724
Ball-Martin, Melissa Associate Professor of Communication Arts & Design 828-898-8765 ballm@lmc.edu 3761
Ballard, Donna Database Manager 828-898-8831 dballard@lmc.edu 3773
Ballard, Sabrina Housekeeping Staff 828-898-3173 3724
Bartlett, Sam Maintenance Crew 828-898-8730 3724
Bengtson, Stephanie Adjunct Dance Faculty bengtsons@lmc.edu 
Bennett, Bo Vice President of Extended Campus and Online Learning 828-448-6197 bennettb@lmc.edu 3734
Berns, Carol Adjunct Instructor of Social & Behavioral Sciences bernsc@lmc.edu 
Birchfield, Charles Grounds Crew 828-898-8730 3724
Bishop, Mindi Dance Faculty Adjunct
Costume Shop Supervisor,
Assistant Director of Creative and Performing Arts Camp
828-898-3372 bishopma@lmc.edu 3731
Boyles, Cynthia Adjunct Instructor of Education (Extended Campus) boylesc@lmc.edu 
Boyles, Donna Adjunct Instructor of Education (Extended Campus) boylesd@lmc.edu 
Breitenstein, Eric Adjunct Instructor of Weight Training breitensteine@lmc.edu
Breitenstein, Sharon Instructor, Burton Center for Student Success 828-898-8702 breitensteins@lmc.edu 3758
Buchanan, Martha Adjunct Instructor of Criminal Justice buchananm@lmc.edu 
Buchanan, Robin Chair of the Division of Education, Associate Professor of Education, Director of Teacher Licensure 828-898-8747 buchananr@lmc.edu 3740
Burleson, Jeanette Accounts Payable Manager and Cashier 828-898-8829 burlesonj@lmc.edu 3742
Burne, Tom Director of Technology 828-898-3522 burnet@lmc.edu 3765
Burr, Kim Adjunct Instructor of Nursing (Extended Campus) burrk@lmc.edu  
Buxton, Barry President 828-898-8785 buxtonb@lmc.edu 3728

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Name Title(s) Phone Number Email CPO
Cain, Lynn Adjunct Instructor of Nursing (Extended Campus) cainl@lmc.edu 
Cameron, Ray Head Women's Lacrosse Coach 828-898-2538 cameronr@lmc.edu  3730
Carroll, Lindsay Admissions Specialist 828-898-8772 carrolll@lmc.edu 3773
Carson, James Psychology Program Coordinator, Professor of Psychology 828-898-8870 carsonj@lmc.edu 3766
Carson, Lucas Assistant Athletic Trainer
Adjunct Instructor of Athletic Training
828-898-8892 carsonl@lmc.edu 3730
Carver, Billy Assistant Professor/Laboratory Coordinator 828-898-3542 carverb@lmc.edu 3725
Chambers, John Grounds Crew 828-898-8730 3724
Chappell, Nicole Instructor of Nursing and Health Sciences 828-898-8773


Chen, Diana Xionan Visiting Faculty in History and the Chinese Language
Deputy Director/Program Coordinator for the Chinese/Confucius Center
chend@lmc.edu 3746
Chrane, Rachel Instructor of Spanish and English as a Second Language 828-898-2494 chraner@lmc.edu 3729
Church, Lori Adjunct Instructor of Nursing (Extended Campus) churchm@lmc.edu 
Clawson, Linda Housekeeping Staff 828-898-3173 3724
Cole, Larry Grounds Crew
Collins, Kelly Director of Career Services 828-898-8828 collinsk@lmc.edu 3771
Collins, Sean Assistant Professor in the Division of Biology and Mathematics 828-898-3193 collinss@lmc.edu 3747
Compagnone, Christopher Security Officer compagnonec@lmc.edu  3770
Crabtree, Kacy Vice President of Academic Affairs, Dean of Faculty 828-898-8739 crabtree@lmc.edu 3746
Craig, Ken Chair of the Division of Humanities, Professor of Religious Studies 828-898-8731 craig@lmc.edu 3741
Craven, David Visiting Assistant Professor of Performing Arts 828-898-8724 cravend@lmc.edu 3731
Crinkley, Matthew Security Officer crinkleym@lmc.edu  3770
Curtis, Danielle Interim Chair of the Division of Creative and Fine Arts, Technical Director of Performing Arts, Associate Professor of Performing Arts 828-898-3478 curtisd@lmc.edu 3731

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Name Title(s) Phone Number Email CPO
Daughtry, Ashley Administrative Assistant 828-898-8723 daughtrya@lmc.edu 3773
Davis, Ron Adjunct Instructor of Criminal Justice davisr@lmc.edu 
Dellinger, Fabienne Compliance and Recruitment Coordinator of Nursing
Mayland Community College Liaison


Donovan, Howard Adjunct Instructor of Criminal Justice


Driggers, Jon Vice President of Student Development and Dean of Students 828-898-8797 driggersj@lmc.edu 3776
Duble, Matthew Assistant Women's Basketball Coach 828-898-3431 dublem@lmc.edu 3730
Dunn, Michelle Adjunct Instructor of Nursing (Extended Campus) dunnm@lmc.edu 
Dyer, Denise Manager of Housing 828-898-3368 dyer@lmc.edu 3776

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Name Title(s) Phone Number Email CPO
Eberhart, Brenda Administrative Assistant, Office Manager (Maintenance Dept.) 828-898-8730 eberhartb@lmc.edu 3724
Elkins, Angela Adjunct Instructor of Nursing elkinsa@lmc.edu 
Engel, Brenda Housekeeping Staff 828-898-3173 3724
Erwin, James Maintenance Crew 828-898-8730 3724

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Name Title(s) Phone Number Email CPO
Fawcett, Emily Admissions Specialist 828-898-8706 fawcette@lmc.edu 3773
Fero, Laura Dean of Nursing and Health Sciences, Director of Nursing 828-898-8769 ferol@lmc.edu
Fischesser, Nina Director of the May Wildlife Rehabilitation Center 828-898-2568 fischessern@lmc.edu 3779
Fletcher, Ley Head Cross Country/Track & Field Coach 828-898-2562 fletcherl@lmc.edu 3730
Foster, Lauren Design Manager 828-898-2496 fosterl@lmc.edu 3773
Franklin, Tammy Administrative Assistant to the Vice President of Academic Affairs 828-898-8712 franklin@lmc.edu 3746
Fronk, Suzette Vice President of Finance & Business Affairs/Treasurer 828-898-8809 fronks@lmc.edu 3772
Fuselier, Julie Adjunct Instructor of Nursing (Extended Campus) fuselierj@lmc.edu 

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Name Title(s) Phone Number Email CPO
George, Judy Intern Supervisor for Education georgej@lmc.edu 
Gesell, Katie Admissions Specialist 828-898-3515 gesellkl@lmc.edu 3773
Gilbert, Susan Associate Professor of Education 828-898-3331 gilbertsd@lmc.edu 3740
Gouge, Dayton Housekeeping Staff 828-898-3173 3724
Granados, Sergio Custodian 3724
Greene, Stephen Maintenance Crew 828-898-8730 3724
Greene, Susan Instructor of Developmental Math 828-898-3451 greenes@lmc.edu 
Greer, Franklin Charles Security Officer greerf@lmc.edu  3770
Griewisch, Carl Director of Health Services 828-898-8862 griewischc@lmc.edu 3739
Gwyn, Dianne Conferencing Custodian 3724
Gwyn, Elizabeth Adjunct Instructor of Nursing (Extended Campus) gwyne@lmc.edu 

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Name Title(s) Phone Number Email CPO
Hackbarth, Clifton Assistant Professor in the Division of Biology and Mathematics 828-898-8762 hackbarthc@lmc.edu
Hall, Janice Coordinator of Disability Services 828-898-8833 hallj@lmc.edu
Hall, Tim Director of Cycling 828-898-3432 hallt@lmc.edu 3754
Hamilton, Caryn Administrative Assistant for the
Division of Education
828-898-3382 hamiltonc@lmc.edu 3740
Hamilton, Matt Head JV Coach/Assistant Men's Basketball Coach 828-898-8897 hamiltonm@lmc.edu  3730
Hamlin, Melissa Adjunct Instructor of Education (Extended Campus) hamlinm@lmc.edu 
Hannah, Michael Associate Professor of Performing Arts 828-898-3568 hannahm@lmc.edu 3731
Hansen, Ginger Vice President of Enrollment
Management and Communications
828-898-8944 hanseng@lmc.edu 3773
Hansen, Blaine Vice President of Strategic Planning
and Effectiveness
828-898-8838 hansenb@lmc.edu 3746
Harden, Tania Electronic Resources and Discovery Librarian 828-898-8945 hardent@lmc.edu 
Hardin, Steve Head Men’s Basketball Coach 828-898-8897 hardins@lmc.edu 3730
Harkey, Sara Digital Marketing Coordinator 828-898-8720 harkeys@lmc.edu 3773
Harpold, Jennie Director of New Opportunity School for
Women (NOSW)
828-898-8905 harpoldj@lmc.edu 3764
Hart, Sue Associate Professor of Psychology, Chair of
the Division of Social and Behavioral Sciences
828-898-3393 harts@lmc.edu 3734
Hartley, Martha Assistant Professor of Community Nursing 828-898-8752 hartley@lmc.edu 3744
Hatton, Chris Adjunct Instructor of Criminal Justice ch0139832@lmc.edu
Hayes, Ramona Library Technician 828-898-8727 hayesra@lmc.edu 3752
Hendricks, Holly Voice Instructor 828-898-3538 hendricksh@lmc.edu
Henson, Kathy Associate Registrar 828-898-8856 hensonk@lmc.edu 3746
Herman, William Security Officer hermanw@lmc.edu  3770
Hicks, Terry Grounds Department 828-898-8730 hickst@lmc.edu 3724
Hinshaw, Lynn Registrar 828-898-3473 hinshaw@lmc.edu 3746
Hitechew, Matt Adjunct Instructor of History, Swimming hitechewm@lmc.edu 
Hoilman, Tracy Instructor of Criminal Justice 828-898-8784 hoilmant@lmc.edu 3733
Holmes, Timothy Security Officer holmestl@lmc.edu  3770
Hopper, Ron Assistant Professor, Burton Center for
Student Success
828-898-3341 hopperd@lmc.edu 3758
Horn, Mavis Housekeeping Staff 828-898-3173 3724
Huffard, Scott Assistant Professor of History 828-898-3492 huffardr@lmc.edu 3729

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Name Title(s) Phone Number Email CPO
Jackson, Angela Administrative Assistant jacksona@lmc.edu 3773
Jacobson, Sheri Adjunct Instructor of Nursing (Extended Campus) jacobsons@lmc.edu 
Jennings, Keith Assistant Men's Basketball Coach 828-898-8855 jenningsk@lmc.edu 3730
Johnson, Casey Adjunct Instructor of Teacher Education johnsonc@lmc.edu 
Johnson, Sherry Library Technician 828-898-8727 johnsons@lmc.edu 3752
Johnson, Yvonne Adjunct Instructor of Nursing (Extended Campus) johnsony@lmc.edu 
Joslin, Michael Professor of English 828-898-8758 joslin@lmc.edu 3737
Joslin, Pam Operations Manager, Performing Arts Administrative Assistant 828-898-8721 joslinp@lmc.edu 3731

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Name Title(s) Phone Number Email CPO
Kaiser, Robert Security Officer kaiserr@lmc.edu  3770
Keck, Kevin Adjunct Instructor of Rhetoric keckk@lmc.edu 
Keystone, Pamela Assistant Professor of Business 828-898-3804 keystonep@lmc.edu 3753
King, Karen Financial Aid Counselor, Work Study Counselor 828-898-3446 kingk@lmc.edu 3742
Knight, Jesse Assistant Professor of Communication Arts 828-898-3498 knightj@lmc.edu 3731

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Name Title(s) Phone Number Email CPO
LaCapra, John Adjunct Instructor in Business lacapraj@lmc.edu 
Lay, Meghan Assistant Athletic Trainer 828-898-8892 laym@lmc.edu 3730
Logan, Katherine Professor of Criminal Justice 828-898-8792 logan@lmc.edu 3723

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Name Title(s) Phone Number Email CPO
MacDonald Dining Hall 828-898-8795
Marlowe, Mitch Associate Dean of Students 828-898-3311 marlowem@lmc.edu 3774
Matney, Amanda Housekeeping Staff 828-898-3173 3724
Matthews, Karen Adjunct Instructor of Teacher Education matthewsk@lmc.edu 
McGee, Tanya Conferencing & Event Coordinator 828-898-3652 mcgeet@lmc.edu 3763
McGowan, Bill Vice President of Facilities and Security 828-898-8776 mcgowanb@lmc.edu 3724
McGuire, Sue Learning Specialist 828-898-2561 mcguirer@lmc.edu 3858
McNamara, Amber Assistant Professor and Veterinarian 828-898-3521 mcnamaraa@lmc.edu 3722
McPhail, Craig Vice President of Athletics and Club Sports 828-898-2483 mcphail@lmc.edu 3730
Medford-Baker, Dalenia Assistant Professor of Biology 828-898-8764 bakerd@lmc.edu 3736
Merrill, Jeffrey Director of Compliance/Title IX Coordinator 828-898-8783 merrillj@lmc.edu  3730
Meng, Xiao Qing Adjunct Instructor of Mathematics meng@lmc.edu 
Merritt, Debbie Intern Supervisor for Education merrittd@lmc.edu 
Mikusa, Melanie Adjunct Instructor of Education (Extended Campus) mikusam@lmc.edu 
Miller, Karrie Assistant Women's Soccer Coach 828-898-8927 millerk@lmc.edu  3730
Miller, Marietta Adjunct Instructor of Human Services and Criminal Justice (Online Learning) millerm@lmc.edu 

Moore, Louise

Adjunct Instructor in the Burton Center for Student Success 828-898-3434 moorel@lmc.edu 
Moser, Edward Building Maintenance Supervisor 828-898-8915 mosere@lmc.edu 3724
Moulton, Steve Adjunct Instructor of Criminal Justice

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Name Title(s) Phone Number Email CPO
Neal-Jones, Caitlyn Adjunct Instructor of Human Services (Online Learning)
Needham, Frankie Director for Advancement Services 828-898-8763 needham@lmc.edu 3748
Norwood, Barbara Housekeeping Department 828-898-3173 3724
Noto, Philip Assistant Cycling Coach 828-898-3432 notop@lmc.edu 3754

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Name Title(s) Phone Number Email CPO
Olson, Kathy Instructor of Rhetoric 828-898-3376 olsonk@lmc.edu 3735
Olvera, Mary Adjunct Instructor of Education (Extended Campus) olveram@lmc.edu 

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Name Title(s) Phone Number Email CPO
Padgett, Laura Director of Burton Center for Learning Assistance,
Instructor of Developmental Education
828-898-3485 padgettl@lmc.edu 3758
Paglen, Peter Director of Counseling Services 828-898-3841 paglenp@lmc.edu  3776
Pardue, Heather Adjunct Instructor of Education (Extended Campus) pardueh@lmc.edu 
Parker, Chris Sports Information Director 828-898-8725 parkerc@lmc.edu 3730
Pekrul, Zane Security Officer pekrulz@lmc.edu  3770
Peterson, Kathryn Adjunct Instructor of Nursing petersonk@lmc.edu 
Pyatte, Claude Associate Professor of Biological Science 828-898-8881 pyatte@lmc.edu 3767
Pyatte, Missy Accountant 828-898-8743 pyattec@lmc.edu 3772

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Name Title(s) Phone Number Email CPO
Ramsey, Sandy Director of College Postal Services 828-898-8748 ramsey@lmc.edu 3772
Reeves, Nathan Assistant Director of Admissions 828-898-8701 reevesj@lmc.edu  3773
Roguska, Zsachlayne Head Athletic Trainer
Adjunct Instructor of Athletic Training
828-898-8892 roguskaz@lmc.edu 3730
Rosato, Jillian Interim Vice President of Advancement
Director of Annual Giving and Alumni Relations
828-898-2534 rosatoj@lmc.edu 3748
Rusling, Thomas Assistant Men's Soccer Coach 704-661-8280 ruslingt@lmc.edu  3730

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Name Title(s) Phone Number Email CPO
Sabbides, Jason Assistant Professor of Communication Arts & Design 828-898-8843 sabbidesj@lmc.edu
Sappington, Helga Payroll and Benefits Manager 828-898-8803 sappingtonh@lmc.edu 3772
Saunders, Steve Adjunct Instructor of Biology saunders@lmc.edu 
Sawyer, Matthew Instructor of Business Administration 828-898-2481 sawyerm@lmc.edu 3753
Schmidlin, David Head Men’s & Women’s Volleyball Coach 828-898-8891 schmidlind@lmc.edu 3730
Scott, Michelle Assistant Director of Annual Giving and Alumni Relations 828-898-2489 scottmv@lmc.edu 3748
Sheets, Bradley Maintenance Crew 28-898-8730 3724
Shell, Cathy Director of Financial Aid 828-898-8740 shell@lmc.edu 3742
Shirah, Kelly Part-time Admissions Specialist 828-898-2519 shirahk@lmc.edu 3773
Silver, Candace Director of Admissions 828-898-2417 silverc@lmc.edu 3773
Silver, Hillary Adjunct Instructor of Yoga silverh@lmc.edu 
Silver, Keith Adjunct Instructor of Education (Extended Campus) silverk@lmc.edu 
Silver, Misti Adjunct Instructor of Nursing (Online Learning) silverm@lmc.edu
Silver, Ted Adjunct Instructor of Cycling silvert@lmc.edu 
Skeate, Stewart Professor of Biological Sciences 828-898-8787 skeate@lmc.edu 3769
Smedburg, Linda Program Coordinator, RN to BSN
Assistant Professor of Nursing
828-898-8975 smedburg@lmc.edu 3744
Smith, Rita Director of Athletic Training Education, Assistant Professor of Athletic Training, Senior Woman Administrator for Athletics 828-898-8768 smithr@lmc.edu 3730
Snyder, Beverly Intern Supervisor for Education
Southard, Brad Adjunct Instructor of Sociology 828-898-8879 southardb@lmc.edu 
Spears, Gene Professor of Biological Sciences, Chair of the Division of Science and Mathematics 828-898-8744 spears@lmc.edu 3749
Sprinkle, Cramer Computer Technician 828-898-8830 sprinklec@lmc.edu  3765
Squires, Lee Head Men’s Soccer Coach 828-898-8801 squiresl@lmc.edu 3730
Stamey, Amy Catering Supervisor 828-898-8795 stameya@lmc.edu 3726
Stephenson, Susan Controller 828-898-8741 stephensons@lmc.edu 3772
Stewart, Harry Security Supervisor 828-898-8756 stewarth@lmc.edu 3770
Stiltner, Sara Instructor in the Division of Nursing and Health Sciences 828-898-8779 stiltners@lmc.edu
Swann, Lynn Assistant Professor of Education 828-898-8854 swannl@lmc.edu 3740
Sword, Sharon Housekeeping Staff 828-898-3173 swords@lmc.edu 3724

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Name Title(s) Phone Number Email CPO
Taylor, Grace Counseling Intern 828-898-3155 taylorg@lmc.edu  3776
Taylor, Mary Student Accounts Manager 828-898-8759 taylorm@lmc.edu 3772
Taylor, Robert Instructor of Business Administration 828-898-8839 taylorr@lmc.edu 3753
Taylor, Russell Director of Libraries 828-898-8770 taylorrg@lmc.edu 3727
Thomas, Dee Outdoor Programs Director 828-898-8810 thomasd@lmc.edu 3776
Thompson, Melanie EMSM Clinical Instructor/Program Consultant thompsonm@lmc.edu 
Thornton, Darry Head Men’s Lacrosse Coach 828-898-3510 thorntond@lmc.edu 3730
Tilley, DeRico Assistant Track & Field Coach 828-898-8967 tilleyd@lmc.edu 3730
Townsend, Bruce Maintenance Crew 828-898-8730 3724
Trammel, Janet Dining Hall Office Manager 828-898-8795 trammelj@lmc.edu 3726
Trivett, Stacey Adjunct Dance Faculty trivetts@lmc.edu 
Turpin, Robert Lecturer in the Division of Humanities 828-898-8794 turpinr@lmc.edu 

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Name Title(s) Phone Number Email CPO
Underwood, Doug Adjunct Instructor of Nursing (Extended Campus)  underwoodd@lmc.edu 

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Name Title(s) Phone Number Email CPO
Vasilas, Darcy Secretary to the President 828-898-8785 vasilasd@lmc.edu 3728
Vaughan-Keen, Catherine Adjunct Instructor of Creative and Fine Arts vaughan-keenc@lmc.edu
Vesely, Pamela Assistant Professor in the Division of Teacher Education 828-898-8734 veselyp@lmc.edu 3740
Vines, Michael Associate Professor of Religious Studies 828-898-8757 vines@lmc.edu 3768

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Name Title(s) Phone Number Email CPO
Wallace, Drew Assistant Technical Director, Shop Foreman wallacea@lmc.edu 3731
Wallace, Erin Adjunct Instructor in Performing Arts
Summer Theatre Managing Director
828-898-8836 wallacee@lmc.edu 3731
Waln, Daniel Assistant Men's Basketball Coach 828-898-8897 walnd@lmc.edu  3730
Walsh, Joe Associate Instructor of Business 828-898-8790 walshj@lmc.edu 3753
Ward, Carolyn Director of Human Resources 828-898-8754 wardc@lmc.edu 3772
Warren, Skylar Head Tennis Coach 828-898-2547 warrens@lmc.edu 3730
Weaver, Megan Instructor of English and Rhetoric 828-898-8932 weaverm@lmc.edu 3759
Weinstein, David Security Officer weinsteind@lmc.edu  3770
Whiting, Nicholas Head Women’s Soccer Coach 828-898-8771 whitingn@lmc.edu 3730
Williams, Angela Michele Head Women’s Basketball Coach and
Assistant Compliance Officer
828-898-2482 williamsm@lmc.edu 3730
Williamsen, Marv Director of International Programs 828-898-2492 williamsenm@lmc.edu 3746
Wilson, Brandon Adjunct Instructor of Business wilsonb@lmc.edu 
Wily's Bar & Grill 828-898-8732
Wise, Kendra Extended Campus Regional Coordinator: Surry Community College 336-386-3480 wisek@lmc.edu 3743
Woodward, Scott Associate Professor of Mathematics 828-898-8767 woodwards@lmc.edu 3738
Wright, Dean Grounds Crew 828-898-8730 3724

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Name Title(s) Phone Number Email CPO
Yackey, Merritt Head Softball Coach, Associate Athletic Director 828-898-8904 yackeym@lmc.edu 3730
Yamouti, Ava Extended Campus Regional Coordinator: Western Piedmont Community College 828-448-6143 smitha@lmc.edu 3746

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Name Title(s) Phone Number Email CPO
Zastudil, Anthony Security Officer zastudila@lmc.edu  3770
Zastudil, Jennifer Security Officer 3770

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