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Name Title(s) Phone Number Email
Adams, Karri Adjunct Instructor of Education (Extended Campus) adamsk@lmc.edu 
Adamson, Paul Staff Accompanist 828-898-8878 adamson@lmc.edu
Anderson, Amy Interim Chair of the Division of Business Administration, Instructor of Business Administration/Marketing 828-898-8845 andersona@lmc.edu
Angley, Robert Adjunct Instructor of Human Services angleyr@lmc.edu 
Asher, Mary Adjunct Instructor of Pre-licensure Nursing asherm@lmc.edu 

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Name Title(s) Phone Number Email
Bailey, Linda Housekeeping Supervisor 828-898-3173 baileylk@lmc.edu
Bailey, Roger Garage 828-898-8985 baileyr@lmc.edu
Bailey, Scott Maintenance Crew 828-898-8730 baileys@lmc.edu
Baker, Renee Coordinator for Campus Life and Student Engagement 828-898-3416 bakerr@lmc.edu 
Ball-Martin, Melissa Associate Professor of Communication Arts & Design 828-898-8765 ballm@lmc.edu
Ballard, Donna Database Manager 828-898-8831 dballard@lmc.edu
Ballard, Sabrina Housekeeping Staff 828-898-3173
Banks, Sean Adjunct Instructor of Human Services bankss@lmc.edu 
Bartlett, Sam Maintenance Crew 828-898-8730
Bascom, Andrew  Assistant Men's Lacrosse Coach 828-898-3510 bascoma@lmc.edu 
Bennett, Bo Vice President of Extended Campus and Online Learning 828-448-6197 bennettb@lmc.edu
Bennett, Danny Maintenance Crew 828-898-8730
Birchfield, Charles Grounds Crew 828-898-8730
Bishop, Mindi Dance Faculty Adjunct
Costume Shop Supervisor,
Assistant Director of Creative and Performing Arts Camp
828-898-3372 bishopma@lmc.edu
Bossert, McKenzie Counseling Services Intern 828-898-3155 bossertm@lmc.edu 
Boyles, Donna Adjunct Instructor of Education (Extended Campus) boylesd@lmc.edu 
Breitenstein, Sharon Instructor, Burton Center for Student Success 828-898-8702 breitensteins@lmc.edu
Brent, Brandon IT Support Analyst 828-898-8938 brentb@lmc.edu 
Brewer, Evelyn Director of the Pre-licensure Nursing Program and Instructor of Nursing brewere@lmc.edu 
Buchanan, Martha Adjunct Instructor of Criminal Justice buchananm@lmc.edu 
Buchanan, Robin Chair of the Division of Education, Associate Professor of Education, Director of Teacher Licensure 828-898-8747 buchananr@lmc.edu
Burleson, Jeanette Payroll Manager 828-898-8829 burlesonj@lmc.edu
Burne, Tom Director of Technology 828-898-3522 burnet@lmc.edu
Burr, Kim Adjunct Instructor of Nursing (Extended Campus) burrk@lmc.edu  
Buxton, Barry President 828-898-8785 buxtonb@lmc.edu

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Name Title(s) Phone Number Email
Carpenter, Richard Adjunct Instructor of Lifetime Health and Fitness carpenterr@lmc.edu 
Carroll, Lindsey Adjunct Instructor of Lifetime Health and Fitness carrolll@lmc.edu 
Carson, James Psychology Program Coordinator, Professor of Psychology 828-898-8870 carsonj@lmc.edu
Carson, Lucas Assistant Athletic Trainer
Adjunct Instructor of Athletic Training
828-898-8892 carsonl@lmc.edu
Carver, Billy Assistant Professor/Laboratory Coordinator 828-898-3542 carverb@lmc.edu
Chambers, John Grounds Crew 828-898-8730
Chrane, Rachel Instructor of Spanish and English as a Second Language 828-898-2494 chraner@lmc.edu
Chuang, Henry Head Men's and Assistant Women's Volleyball Coach 828-898-8891 chuangh@lmc.edu 
Church, Lori Adjunct Instructor of Nursing (Extended Campus) churchm@lmc.edu 
Clawson, Linda Housekeeping Staff 828-898-3173
Collins, Kelly Assistant Professor of Biology 828-898-8796 collinsk@lmc.edu
Collins, Sean Assistant Professor of Biology 828-898-3193 collinss@lmc.edu
Crabtree, Kacy Associate Provost 828-898-8739 crabtree@lmc.edu
Craig, Ken Chair of the Division of Humanities, Professor of Religious Studies 828-898-8731 craig@lmc.edu
Craven, David Assistant Professor of Performing Arts 828-898-8724 cravend@lmc.edu
Crum, David Adjunct Instructor of History crumd@lmc.edu 
Curtis, Danielle Interim Chair of the Division of Creative and Fine Arts, Technical Director of Performing Arts, Associate Professor of Performing Arts 828-898-3478 curtisd@lmc.edu

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Name Title(s) Phone Number Email
Darnall, Teresa Director of the RN-BSN Program 828-898-8752 darnallt@lmc.edu 
Dellinger, Fabienne Compliance and Recruitment Coordinator of Nursing
Mayland Community College Liaison


Donovan, Howard Adjunct Instructor of Criminal Justice


Dowdy, Joseph (Mike) Adjunct Instructor of Humanities dowdyj@lmc.edu 
Driggers, Jon Vice President of Student Development and Dean of Students 828-898-8797 driggersj@lmc.edu
Duble, Matthew Assistant Women's Basketball Coach 828-898-3431 dublem@lmc.edu
Dyer, Denise Manager of Housing 828-898-3368 dyer@lmc.edu

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Name Title(s) Phone Number Email
Engel, Brenda Housekeeping Staff 828-898-3173
Erwin, James Maintenance Crew 828-898-8730

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Name Title(s) Phone Number Email
Fero, Laura Dean of Nursing and Health Sciences, Director of Nursing 828-898-8769 ferol@lmc.edu
Fischesser, Nina Director of the May Wildlife Rehabilitation Center 828-898-2568 fischessern@lmc.edu
Fletcher, Ley Head Cross Country/Track & Field Coach 828-898-2562 fletcherl@lmc.edu
Foster, Lauren Design Manager 828-898-2496 fosterl@lmc.edu
Franklin, Tammy Administrative Assistant to the Provost 828-898-8712 franklin@lmc.edu
Freeman, Rhonda Administrative Assistant, Office Manager in the Maintenance Department 828-898-8730 freemanr@lmc.edu 
Fronk, Suzette Vice President of Finance & Business Affairs/Treasurer 828-898-8809 fronks@lmc.edu
Fulk, Tonya Regional Coordinator, Surry Community College 828-260-5895 fulkt@lmc.edu 
Fuselier, Julie Adjunct Instructor of Nursing (Extended Campus) fuselierj@lmc.edu 

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Name Title(s) Phone Number Email
George, Judy Intern Supervisor for Education georgej@lmc.edu 
Gilbert, Susan Associate Professor of Education 828-898-3331 gilbertsd@lmc.edu
Gouge, Dayton Housekeeping Staff 828-898-3173
Granados, Sergio Custodian
Greene, Stephen Maintenance Crew 828-898-8730
Greene, Susan Instructor of Developmental Math 828-898-3451 greenes@lmc.edu 
Greer, Franklin Charles Security Officer greerf@lmc.edu 
Griewisch, Carl Director of Health Services 828-898-8862 griewischc@lmc.edu
Gwyn, Dianne Conferencing Custodian
Gwyn, Elizabeth Adjunct Instructor of Nursing (Extended Campus) gwyne@lmc.edu 

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Name Title(s) Phone Number Email
Hackbarth, Clifton Assistant Professor in the Division of Biology and Mathematics 828-898-8762 hackbarthc@lmc.edu
Hall, Janice Coordinator of Disability Services 828-898-8833 hallj@lmc.edu
Hall, Lisa Regional Coordinator for the Greater Charlotte Area halll@lmc.edu 
Hall, Natasha Adjunct Instructor of Nursing halln@lmc.edu 
Hall, Tim Director of Cycling 828-898-3432 hallt@lmc.edu
Hamilton, Caryn Administrative Assistant for the
Division of Education
828-898-3382 hamiltonc@lmc.edu
Hannah, Michael Associate Professor of Performing Arts 828-898-3568 hannahm@lmc.edu
Hansen, Blaine Vice President of Strategic Planning and Effectiveness 828-898-8838 hansenb@lmc.edu
Hardin, Steve Head Men’s Basketball Coach 828-898-8897 hardins@lmc.edu
Harkey, Sara Digital Marketing Coordinator 828-898-8720 harkeys@lmc.edu
Harmon, Gary EMSM Educational Coordinator and Instructor 828-898-8842 harmong@lmc.edu 
Harpold, Jennie Director of New Opportunity School for Women (NOSW) 828-898-8905 harpoldj@lmc.edu
Hart, Sue Associate Professor of Psychology, Chair of
the Division of Social and Behavioral Sciences
828-898-3393 harts@lmc.edu
Hartley, Martha Assistant Professor of Community Nursing 828-898-8752 hartley@lmc.edu
Hayes, Ramona Library Technician 828-898-8727 hayesra@lmc.edu
Henderson, Dylan Grounds Crew 828-898-8730
Hendricks, Holly Voice Instructor 828-898-3538 hendricksh@lmc.edu
Henson, Kathy Associate Registrar 828-898-8856 hensonk@lmc.edu
Herman, William Security Officer hermanw@lmc.edu 
Hicks, Terry Grounds Supervisor 828-898-8730 hickst@lmc.edu
Hinshaw, Lynn Registrar 828-898-3473 hinshaw@lmc.edu
Hitechew, Matt Adjunct Instructor of History, Swimming hitechewm@lmc.edu 
Hoilman, Tracy Instructor of Criminal Justice 828-898-8784 hoilmant@lmc.edu
Holtsclaw, Ben Systems Engineer 828-898-8830 holtsclawb@lmc.edu 
Hopper, Ron Assistant Professor, Burton Center for
Student Success
828-898-3341 hopperd@lmc.edu
Horn, Mavis Housekeeping Staff 828-898-3173
Huffard, Scott Assistant Professor of History 828-898-3492 huffardr@lmc.edu

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Name Title(s) Phone Number Email
Ivey, Kristen Adjunct Instructor of Sociology iveyk@lmc.edu 

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Name Title(s) Phone Number Email
Jaeckle, Tina Adjunct Instructor of Criminal Justice (Online Learning) jaecklet@lmc.edu 
Jennings, Keith Assistant Men's Basketball Coach 828-898-8855 jenningsk@lmc.edu
Jensen, Scott Adjunct Instructor of Business jensens@lmc.edu 
Johnson, Casey Adjunct Instructor of Teacher Education johnsonc@lmc.edu 
Johnson, Mark Housekeeping Staff 828-898-3173
Johnson, Sherry Library Technician 828-898-8727 johnsons@lmc.edu
Johnson, Yvonne Adjunct Instructor of Nursing (Extended Campus) johnsony@lmc.edu 
Joslin, Michael Professor of English 828-898-8758 joslin@lmc.edu
Joslin, Pam Operations Manager, Performing Arts Administrative Assistant 828-898-8721 joslinp@lmc.edu
Julian, Liz Director of Career Services 828-898-8828 juliane@lmc.edu  

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Name Title(s) Phone Number Email
Keck, Kevin Assistant Professor of Rhetoric and Composition 828-898-8932 keckk@lmc.edu 
Keystone, Pamela Assistant Professor of Business 828-898-3804 keystonep@lmc.edu
King, Alexandra Head Women's Lacrosse Coach 828-898-2538 kinga@lmc.edu 
King, Karen Financial Aid Counselor, Work Study Counselor 828-898-3446 kingk@lmc.edu
Knight, Jesse Assistant Professor of Communication Arts 828-898-3498 knightj@lmc.edu
Koenig, Scott Co-Technical Director in Performing Arts koenigs@lmc.edu 

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Name Title(s) Phone Number Email
LaCapra, John Adjunct Instructor in Business lacapraj@lmc.edu 
Lashmit, Lori Adjunct Instructor of Education (SCC) lashmitl@lmc.edu 
LaValle, James Assistant Professor in the Online Criminal Justice Program lavallej@lmc.edu 
Leonard, Amanda Game Environment Coordinator leonarda@lmc.edu 
Lidh, Todd Provost 828-898-8962 lidht@lmc.edu 
Logan, Katherine Professor of Criminal Justice 828-898-8792 logan@lmc.edu
Lovallo, Catherine Assistant Women's Lacrosse Coach 828-898-2538 lovalloc@lmc.edu 

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Name Title(s) Phone Number Email
Maas, Aaron Head Coach, Skiing/Snowboarding 828-898-8706 maasa@lmc.edu 
MacDonald Dining Hall 828-898-8795
Magaña, Kiko Head Women's Soccer Coach 828-898-8927 maganaa@lmc.edu 
Magaña, Keri Interim Director of the Burton Center for Student Success 828-898-8896 maganak@lmc.edu 
Marlowe, Mitch Adjunct Instructor marlowem@lmc.edu
Marriott, Don Head Men's and Women's Tennis Coach 828-898-2547 marriottd@lmc.edu 
Martin, Joy Adjunct Instructor of Human Services and Criminal Justice (online) martinj@lmc.edu 
Matney, Amanda Housekeeping Staff 828-898-3173
McGee, Tanya Conferencing & Event Coordinator 828-898-3652 mcgeet@lmc.edu
McGuire, Sue Learning Specialist 828-898-2561 mcguirer@lmc.edu
McNabb, Tameron Adjunct Instructor of Education (SCC) mcnabbt@lmc.edu 
McNamara, Amber Assistant Professor and Veterinarian 828-898-3521 mcnamaraa@lmc.edu
McPhail, Craig Vice President of Athletics and Club Sports 828-898-2483 mcphail@lmc.edu
Medford-Baker, Dalenia Assistant Professor of Biology 828-898-8764 bakerd@lmc.edu
Mercer, Melissa Learning Management Coordinator 828-898-3485 mercerm@lmc.edu 
Merrill, Jeffrey Director of Compliance/Title IX Coordinator 828-898-8783 merrillj@lmc.edu 
Merritt, Amanda Admissions Specialist 828-898-8772 merritta@lmc.edu 
Meng, Xiao Qing Adjunct Instructor of Mathematics meng@lmc.edu 
Merritt, Debbie Intern Supervisor for Education merrittd@lmc.edu 
Mikusa, Melanie Adjunct Instructor of Education (Extended Campus) mikusam@lmc.edu 

Moore, Louise

Adjunct Instructor in the Burton Center for Student Success 828-898-3434 moorel@lmc.edu 
Moulton, Steve Adjunct Instructor of Criminal Justice

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Name Title(s) Phone Number Email
Neal-Jones, Caitlyn Adjunct Instructor of Human Services (Online Learning)
Needham, Frankie Director for Advancement Services 828-898-8763 needham@lmc.edu
Neuberger (Vasilas), Darcy Secretary to the President 828-898-8785 neubergerd@lmc.edu 
Norwood, Barbara Housekeeping Department 828-898-3173
Noto, Philip Assistant Cycling Coach 828-898-3432 notop@lmc.edu

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Name Title(s) Phone Number Email
Olson, Kathy Instructor of Rhetoric 828-898-3376 olsonk@lmc.edu
Olvera, Mary Adjunct Instructor of Education (Extended Campus) olveram@lmc.edu 

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Name Title(s) Phone Number Email
Paglen, Peter Director of Counseling Services 828-898-3841 paglenp@lmc.edu 
Paniagua Ferreira, Kimberly Receptionist/Administrative Assistant in Enrollment Management paniaguaferreirak@lmc.edu
Pardue, Heather Adjunct Instructor of Education (Extended Campus) pardueh@lmc.edu 
Parker, Chelsea Assistant Women's Soccer Coach 828-898-8926 parkerch@lmc.edu 
Parker, Chris Sports Information Director 828-898-8725 parkerc@lmc.edu
Pekrul, Zane Security Officer pekrulz@lmc.edu 
Peterson, Kathryn Adjunct Instructor of Nursing petersonk@lmc.edu 
Pittman, April Adjunct Instructor of Education pittmana@lmc.edu 
Pittman, Renae Assistant Director of Human Resources 828-898-8711 pittmant@lmc.edu 
Poole, Jaclin Head Women's Softball Coach 828-898-8904 poolej@lmc.edu 
Poole, Nathan Adjunct Instructor of Rhetoric poolen@lmc.edu 
Pyatte, Claude Associate Professor of Biological Science 828-898-8881 pyatte@lmc.edu
Pyatte, Missy Accountant 828-898-8743 pyattec@lmc.edu

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Name Title(s) Phone Number Email
Ramsey, Sandy Director of College Postal Services 828-898-8748 ramsey@lmc.edu
Renfro, Gene Adjunct Instructor of Lifetime Health and Fitness renfrog@lmc.edu 
Roguska, Zsachlayne Head Athletic Trainer
Adjunct Instructor of Athletic Training
828-898-8892 roguskaz@lmc.edu
Rosato, Jillian Director of Annual Giving and Alumni Relations 828-898-2534 rosatoj@lmc.edu

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Name Title(s) Phone Number Email
Sabbides, Jason Assistant Professor of Communication Arts & Design 828-898-8843 sabbidesj@lmc.edu
Saunders, Steve Adjunct Instructor of Biology saunders@lmc.edu 
Scott, Michelle Assistant Director of Annual Giving and Alumni Relations 828-898-2489 scottmv@lmc.edu
Shell, Cathy Director of Financial Aid 828-898-8740 shell@lmc.edu
Shirah, Kelly Admissions Specialist 828-898-2519 shirahk@lmc.edu
Silver, Candace Director of Admissions 828-898-2417 silverc@lmc.edu
Silver, Hillary Adjunct Instructor of Yoga silverh@lmc.edu 
Silver, Misti Adjunct Instructor of Nursing (Online Learning) silverm@lmc.edu
Silver, Ted Adjunct Instructor of Cycling silvert@lmc.edu 
Skeate, Stewart Professor of Biological Sciences 828-898-8787 skeate@lmc.edu
Sloan, Williams Security Officer sloanw@lmc.edu 
Smedburg, Linda Assistant Professor of Nursing 828-898-8910 smedburg@lmc.edu
Smee, Daniel Assistant Men's Soccer Coach 828-898-8801 smeed@lmc.edu 
Smith, Rita Director of Athletic Training Education, Assistant Professor of Athletic Training, Senior Woman Administrator for Athletics 828-898-8768 smithr@lmc.edu
Smith, Terry Adjunct Instructor of Business smitht@lmc.edu 
Smith, Wendy Adjunct Instructor of Nursing smithw@lmc.edu 
Smithey, Riley Admissions Specialist 828-898-8840 smitheyr@lmc.edu 
Snyder, Beverly Intern Supervisor for Education
Southard, Brad Adjunct Instructor of Sociology 828-898-8879 southardb@lmc.edu 
Spears, Gene Professor of Biological Sciences, Chair of the Division of Science and Mathematics 828-898-8744 spears@lmc.edu
Stack, Phillip Assistant Athletic Trainer 828-898-8892 stackp@lmc.edu 
Stamey, Amy Catering Supervisor (Aramark) 828-898-8795 stameya@lmc.edu
Stephenson, Susan Controller 828-898-8741 stephensons@lmc.edu
Stewart, Bailey Admissions Specialist 828-898-3515 stewartb@lmc.edu 
Stewart, Harry Security Supervisor 828-898-8756 stewarth@lmc.edu
Stiltner, Sara Instructor in the Division of Nursing and Health Sciences 828-898-8779 stiltners@lmc.edu
Sullivan, Ben General Manager (Aramark) 828-898-8795 sullivanb@lmc.edu 
Swann, Lynn Assistant Professor of Education 828-898-8854 swannl@lmc.edu
Sword, Sharon Housekeeping Staff 828-898-3173 swords@lmc.edu

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Name Title(s) Phone Number Email
Tatge, William Head Women's and Assistant Men's Volleyball Coach 828-898-8714 tatgew@lmc.edu 
Taylor, Andrew Adjunct Instructor of Business tayloran@lmc.edu 
Taylor, Mary Student Accounts Manager 828-898-8759 taylorm@lmc.edu
Thomas, Brent Vice President of Advancement 828-898-8777 thomasb@lmc.edu 
Thornton, Darry Head Men’s Lacrosse Coach 828-898-3510 thorntond@lmc.edu
Tilley, DeRico Assistant Track & Field Coach, Adjunct Instructor of Lifetime Health and Fitness 828-898-8967 tilleyd@lmc.edu
Townsend, Bruce Maintenance Crew 828-898-8730
Townsend, Sheila Accounts Payable Clerk and Cashier 828-898-8803 townsends@lmc.edu 
Trammel, Janet Dining Hall Office Manager (Aramark) 828-898-8795 trammelj@lmc.edu
Trivett, Stacey Adjunct Dance Faculty trivetts@lmc.edu 
Turpin, Robert Assistant Professor of History 828-898-8794 turpinr@lmc.edu 

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Name Title(s) Phone Number Email
Underwood, Doug Adjunct Instructor of Nursing (Extended Campus)  underwoodd@lmc.edu 

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Name Title(s) Phone Number Email
Neuberger (Vasilas), Darcy Secretary to the President 828-898-8785 neubergerd@lmc.edu 
Vesely, Pamela Assistant Professor in the Division of Teacher Education 828-898-8734 veselyp@lmc.edu
Vines, Michael Associate Professor of Religious Studies 828-898-8757 vines@lmc.edu

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Name Title(s) Phone Number Email
Wall, Richard Head Men's Soccer Coach 828-898-8801 wallr@lmc.edu 3730
Wallace, Erin Adjunct Instructor in Performing Arts
Summer Theatre Managing Director
828-898-8836 wallacee@lmc.edu
Waln, Daniel Assistant Men's Basketball Coach 828-898-8897 walnd@lmc.edu 
Walsh, Joe Associate Instructor of Business 828-898-8790 walshj@lmc.edu
Ward, Carolyn Director of Human Resources 828-898-8754 wardc@lmc.edu
Ward, Heather Bookstore Manager 828-898-8728 wardh@lmc.edu 
Webb, Justin Grounds Crew 828-898-8730
Williams, Angela Michele Head Women’s Basketball Coach and
Assistant Compliance Officer
828-898-2482 williamsm@lmc.edu
Wily's Bar & Grill 828-898-8732
Witt, Hannah Administrative Assistant in Enrollment Management 828-898-8723 witth@lmc.edu 
Woodward, Scott Associate Professor of Mathematics 828-898-8767 woodwards@lmc.edu

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Name Title(s) Phone Number Email
Yamouti, Ava Regional Coordinator - Criminal Justice and Health Services 828-448-6143 smitha@lmc.edu

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Name Title(s) Phone Number Email
Zastudil, Anthony Security Officer zastudila@lmc.edu 

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