Vehicle Registration and Parking InformationVehicle Registration and Parking Information

Vehicle Registration and Parking Information

Parking Fees

The parking permit fee for residential students is set at a flat rate of $125 per year. Premium lots have an additional fee of $25.00 ($150.00 total). Premium lots (i.e. Tate, McMillan, Village/Cannon Cottage, Houses, and Apartments) are reserved for upperclassmen and are assigned on a first come, first served or reserved basis.

The parking permit fee for commuters is $75.00 per year and will be added to your student account. Any commuter who does not come to campus in a vehicle must contact the security office in writing to request a waiver.

All students who park on campus must obtain a parking permit. Unauthorized parking on property adjoining the College is prohibited.

Lot assignments are issued on a first come, first served basis.

Obtaining a Parking Pass

Information about how to obtain a parking pass is located on the vehicle registration page

Parking Citations

Effective, January 15, a new parking citation system will be used that allows you the convenience of tracking, paying and appealing citations completely online!

If you receive a parking citation, you will find a paper copy on your vehicle and you will also have the ability to receive an electronic copy as well.

To view, pay and/or appeal a citation, just visit Rydin Permit Express and fill in your citation number and license plate number to get started.

With questions, please contact the Office of Campus Security at 828.898.8756 or

Refund Policies

Refunds for vehicle registration may be obtained if a written request is made to the Office of Public Safety three weeks prior to the first day of classes. A student who chooses not to re-enroll for the spring semester may receive a 50% refund. A written request must be made to the Office of Public Safety no later than the first day of the spring semester.

Parking and Traffic Rules 2013-14

  1. Vehicle registrations and parking guidelines are published in the Lees-McRae College Student Handbook and on the website. Lees-McRae College assumes no risk or liability for damage to any vehicle, nor loss of contents, while any vehicle is parked on College property. Updated: 6/27/2012 All students (on and off campus) must register their vehicles and purchase a parking decal.

    NOTE: Any vehicle that is parked on Lees-McRae College campus must have a valid Faculty/Staff, Student, or Visitor Permit. Any vehicle found parked on campus without a permit is subject to being booted or towed at the owner's expense. Students are not visitors!
  2. Students are required to park in their assigned lot.
  3. Faculty/Staff Lots are reserved for faculty and staff Monday through Friday.
  4. Students may park in any Faculty/Staff lot on weekends from Friday at 5 p.m., to Monday at 6 a.m.
  5. The Village, McMillan, Apartments, Houses, and Tate Student Lot (along Hwy 194), are for students with the respective permits for those lots. These lots are enforced 24/7, including weekends.
  6. The Library has parking for visitors, handicapped, and librarians. Students may park in the Upper and Lower Chaffee Lots after 5 p.m. to use the Library.
  7. The President's Lot is for the President, his staff and his guests. This area is enforced 24/7/365. Do not park at the President's parking area at any time, day or night, for any reason, or for any length of time.
  8. The Cannon Student Center lot is for Faculty/Staff and visitors Monday-Friday, 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. The visitor parking spot to the left of the main entrance stairs is for visitors only.
  9. 2-Hour parking is available adjacent to Hayes Auditorium and MacDonald Dining Hall. This is limited parking for theatre performances and eating in the dining hall. It is available when the buildings are in use. NO OVERNIGHT PARKING. NO PARKING WHILE IN CLASS.
  10. The Bookstore Lot is for shopping patrons only, Monday-Friday, 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Exception: The Bookstore is sometimes open on Saturdays for such events as Open House, Graduation, etc. DO NOT park at the Bookstore if it is open for business).
  11. The parking spots in front of and alongside of the Presbyterian and Methodist Churches belong to them 24/7. Do not park there. We have authorization to ticket or tow any student parking at the Churches.
  12. Commuter Parking: The lot behind the Presbyterian Church is available Monday-Friday only (labeled the Church Lot), and is only for students with Commuter Permits. Do not park there on Saturday/Sunday or you will be ticketed or towed. If the Church Lot is full, commuters may overflow to the PO lot, which is between Avery Lot and the Lauritsen Building. Overflow commuters may also park in Hayes Lot (across the street from Hayes Auditorium)
  13. Students may park in the Church Lot after 5 p.m. until 2 a.m., Monday through Friday for visits. Anyone parked there on Saturday/Sunday will be ticketed or towed. Respect Church property. NO OVERNIGHT PARKING.
  14. Students who live in the Apartments (above the SRC) must park in the designated apartment spots below the apartments. Do not park in the reserved spots marked for the SRC.
  15. Parking spots in front of Whitesell Art Studio and the Performing Arts Costume Shop are reserved for Faculty/Staff.
  16. Students who live in the Houses are allowed to have two (2) cars parked at each house at any given time with a House permit. All other students with a House permit must park in the Track & Field Lot. Any student with any other permit may park at Track & Field Lot to visit those at the Houses. Non-student visitors must have a visitor parking pass and must park at the Track & Field Lot. Any car that is parked on the grass or roadway will be ticketed. Any house found with more than two cars parked at it, all cars are subject to tickets. Students who have House permits can park in any Commuter Lot or Hayes Lot when coming to main campus (NOT in VISITOR PARKING).
  17. NOTE: The two (2) car limit and parking on the roadway falls under Banner Elk Town Ordinance. Banner Elk Police can also enforce these rules if they deem necessary.
  18. The Track & Field Lot is for students who live at the houses, but are unable to park at their house due to the two car limit. Visitors of those who live in the Houses must park at the Track & Field Lot, and must have a valid parking permit.
  19. The Gravel Lot adjacent the Skyline building (diagonal from the security office) is reserved for Security and Bookstore employees ONLY.
  20. In gravel parking lots (Village Lot, PO Lot), spots are designated by cement/wood markers. Do not try to create your own parking spot.
  21. Do not double park. Do not park in front of "No Parking" signs. Do not block access to buildings. Do not block roadways, fire lanes, fire hydrants, private driveways or loading zones. Do not park on sidewalks. Do not park where barricades, speed cones or other traffic control devices are used. Do not park on the grass.
  22. Do not park in designated "Handicapped Parking" unless you are handicapped and have an authorized handicap tag or placard. You are required to have a valid LMC Parking Permit.
  23. Loading/unloading is permitted for 20 minutes, maximum. Your emergency flashers must be on. If flashers are not on, and/or you are there for more than 20 minutes, Security will assume you are parked there and you will be subject to being ticketed, booted or towed.
  24. ALL VISITORS, including parents and friends, no matter for how long, MUST have a visitors parking permit in order to park on Campus. Students or the visitor themselves can get a visitors pass at the Security Office at a cost of $3 per day. All visitors will park in Hayes Lot. This applies even if the visitor is parked in a marked Visitor Spot. If Security is not in the office, please call 828-260-0505. Students are responsible for making sure any and all visitors obtain a visitor pass.
  25. The access ramp in front of Virginia, Tennessee, and North Carolina buildings is off limits to any and all students and faculty. It is for emergency access only.
  26. Do not park on property adjoining the College. Obey the traffic laws. The speed limit on campus is 15 mph. Stop at all stop signs. BEPD Enforced

Additional parking rules and regulations are outlined in the annual Lees-McRae Student Handbook.