Technology FAQ

What kind of computer/software do I need?

You can use either a Windows machine or a Mac. Just be aware of what classes you are taking and ask about the individual class software needs. We recommend you get machines with at least 4 Gigs of RAM and 500 Gigs of hard drive space. For Windows computers try to avoid "Windows 7 Starter Edition", it is very limited. Try to stick with Windows7 Ultimate, Professional or Home versions. As for Microsoft Office we supply it to the students for Macs or PCs.

Are you Mac friendly?

Yes. There are no problems using Macs on our network. The only consideration is hardware repairs. The closest Apple stores are in Ashville and Charlotte.

What kind of internet connections do you offer?

Even though most dorms have 2 wired connections available we are working to move everyone to Wireless only connections. So we recommend buying computers and gaming consoles with wireless capabilities.

If I want to purchase a personal computer do you offer any discounts?

Currently we do not offer any discounts... but we do supply Microsoft Office for the students.

Can I bring a router to use in my dorm?

No. Please do not bring any routers or 2.4 GHz phones onto campus. It will not improve the wireless coverage. In fact it will cause connection problems.

What software does the school supply?

Currently we supply the newest version of MS Office Professional for Macs and PCs. And we recommend "Free AVG" and Malwarebyes for computer protection.

Free AVG -

Malwarebytes -

Do you Allow P2P software?

No we do not allow programs that allow you to copy or transfer music, files, or programs that you did not legally purchase. We have hardware that tries to block such programs. And we reserve the right to disable your use of our network if we detect you are using such programs.