Legal Music and Movies Online

There is a wealth of entertainment available on the Internet that can be enjoyed legally.
If you're interested in an artist, check out their personal website or that of their record label to buy albums or sample tracks.

If you enjoy a television program, check its network's website. Several popular television programs are streamed at no cost from sites including, but not limited to, the list below.
No endorsement or evaluation by Lees-McRae College is intended for the list below.

You may also view a list at Educause


Real CD's that come with a case and liner notes. Also available are DRM free MP3 downloads.


The Itunes store from Apple provides track and album downloads in addition to offering Movies and Television shows. Most content contains Digital Rights Management(DRM).


A subscriptions service allowing you to stream music on your computer.


AudioLunchbox offers DRM-free MP3 downloads from independent record labels and offers a free trial


Insound is a nice merchant site for ordering music, especially if you're looking for new vinyl.


Rent movies and stream them on your computer or have them show up in your mailbox.

Advertising supported movies and television shows.

ABC network television shows


Much like NetFlix for game consoles.


Internet Radio from the creators of Winamp. 100's of stations to choose from.


One of the original internet radio broadcasters.


Internet radio that plays music you like based on a like or dislike tagging system.

Make custom song playlists and listen to them online.