Alumnus of the Month: Sean McCoy ‘11 and Rebecca Witt ‘09

April 22, 2014

For this month’s edition of Alumnus of the Month we are getting a two for one!  Sean McCoy ’11 and Rebecca Witt ’09 met while they were students at Lees-McRae and it is easy to see how much these college sweethearts still love LMC!

Sean and Rebecca have some great memories from their time at Lees-McRae. Rebecca really enjoyed being part of Residence Life and all the excitement and responsibility that came along with it. “Coming back to campus early in the fall for training and preparing for the new year was always something I looked forward to doing.” Sean loved traveling with the cycling team to different races and feeling like he was not just a member of a school but of a large family.

They both attribute some of their current success to their time at Lees-McRae. Rebecca developed the desire for knowledge, which is especially helpful in a career industry that is constantly changing. Sean learned that “if you want to be successful, do what successful people do.”

Sean and Rebecca have similar advice to give to current students. Rebecca says to become involved in everything you can. “The things you do outside the classroom are just as important as what you do in them so join organizations, volunteer in the local area, do internships in the summer, and sign up for intramurals. Get outside your comfort zone. I joined the cycling team my senior year and had a blast, but I certainly wasn't winning any races.”  Sean believes you should always challenge yourself and don’t be afraid to take risks. “If you are ever presented with a chance to practice public speaking or give a presentation, take it.”

They also feel it is important to give back to Lees-McRae to ensure others benefit from the same amazing, life-changing experience they had while they were here.  Sean wants others to be as lucky as he was to enjoy such an amazing and memorable experience. “When I compare my college experience to others I’ve heard, I am grateful for everything I took away from Lees-McRae. It is definitely a unique experience.”

Sean and Rebecca are currently living and loving life in Delray Beach, FL. They both work in the exciting cruise industry for, a branch of WMPH Vacations. WMPH is an acronym for "We Make People Happy" which is something they love to do as cruise consultants. Rebecca said, “We've had some great travel opportunities, most recently to Alaska and French Polynesia, but we have many more destinations to cross off the bucket list!”

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Sean McCoy ’11 and Rebecca Witt ’09