Division of Creative and Fine Arts hosts workshops for high school students

October 06, 2014

On October 2 and 3, the Lees-McRae Division of Creative and Fine Arts hosted students from Mitchell High School and Monroe High School. These students had an opportunity to explore campus, attend workshops and attend Lees-McRae’s performance of Cinderella: The Enchanted Edition. The day’s events were curated by Theatre Arts Education students and creative and fine art faculty.

“These workshops are important not only for recruitment, but also for fostering performing arts in the High Country,” said Mindi Bishop, adjunct dance faculty and costume shop supervisor. “Once we were in contact with each high school’s drama or theater teacher, everyone became excited about the opportunity to expose these students to Lees-McRae’s program and resources.”

On Thursday, October 2, nearly 50 students from Mitchell High School attended the workshop, followed by 21 students from Monroe High School on Friday, October 3. The Monroe High School students were led by their teacher, Catherine Langston, a 2012 Lees-McRae College Theatre Arts Education graduate.

The workshops included lecture format and interactive options with topics such as costuming, sets and props, dialects and accents, stage makeup cuts and bruises, and a stage combat demonstration. Communication Arts and Design professor Jason Sabbides also taught a collaborative set painting workshop.

The Theatre Arts Education (K-12) program provides the knowledge, skills and dispositions necessary to be outstanding drama teachers. The program also promotes a positive and holistic understanding of the teaching profession within a reflective practitioner framework.

The Performing Arts Studies program at Lees-McRae uses an integrated curriculum to prepare artists and leaders for an eclectic and exciting job market. Students study creative and artistic direction, performance, technical theatre, arts management and conduct academic research. Utilizing performance venues on campus (Hayes Auditorium, Broyhill Theatre, Lauritsen Technical Theatre and Design Studio [under construction] and a professional company - Lees-McRae Summer Theatre), students gain hands-on knowledge the moment they arrive on campus.

The Communication Arts and Design program is based upon the concept of convergence. It offers students a unique combination of theory, creativity, practical skill and technological expertise. These elements are blended into a unified curriculum that is broad while maintaining a depth of focus on major communication fields. With this they build on a foundation of knowledge and practical experience.

For more information about theatre arts education or performing arts at Lees-McRae, please visit lmc.edu/arts or call 828.898.5241.

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Mitchell High School students at the Lauritsen Technical Theatre and Design Studio