Gift Annuities

How it Works

A Charitable Gift Annuity is a simple contract between you and Lees-McRae College. The donor receives a specific return based on their age at the time of the gift.

  1. You transfer property to Lees-McRae College in exchange the College pays you fixed income for life.
  2. The fixed income can be quite high depending on your age.
  3. A portion of your income stream may even be tax-free.
  4. You will receive a charitable deduction for your gift of the remainder to Lees-McRae College and the satisfaction of furthering the College’s mission. 

Receive Payments Now or in the Future

If you would like payments now, you can transfer stock or cash to Lees-McRae and the College promises to pay you a fixed income. You will receive a current income tax charitable deduction for the value of your gift to the College.

If you are not yet ready to receive income, you can establish a deferred gift annuity. You will receive a current charitable income tax deduction and receive payments at a designated future date. Deferred annual payments are higher than with a current annuity. 

Contact the Office of Advancement at 828.898.2534 for more information. 

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