Business Administration, BA, BS, Minor


About the Business Administration Program at Lees-McRae College

The Business Administration program of study prepares students to become responsible, productive business leaders.
The program provides core and elective courses which provide students the ability to acquire knowledge and skills to
compete in today’s global business environment. Business Administration prepares students to meet the strategic and
competitive challenges required in this new, fast-changing business environment by offering a diversified, adaptable
program of instruction structured to keep pace in an innovative world.

Lees-McRae College’s Business Administration majors are prepared for future careers in finance, accounting,
international business, general and operations management, advertising, marketing, sales, public relations,
administrative services, industrial and production management, purchasing, transportation, not-for-profit management,
and government service. In addition, the program helps each student develop the skills necessary to succeed in the
increasingly global and complex information-oriented world of the twenty-first century. More importantly, the Business
Administration program at Lees-McRae College helps students to develop their own “moral compasses” to prepare
them for the ethical issues that they will face as managers. This grounding can be applied throughout life to a multitude
of different occupations. Careers in business and technology continue to accelerate at a rapid pace. The Business
Administration Program is committed to meet the needs of students desiring a degree in Business Administration.
In addition to providing a strong core business curriculum, students are also offered the opportunity to obtain
concentrations in:
  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • International Business
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Small Business Development
Our goal is to provide the highest quality educational experience consisting of classroom, research, internship and
practical experiences. As such, the division offers distinctive experiences such as:
  • A strong student-faculty relationship.
  • A supportive and adaptable learning atmosphere
  • Personal involvement with business leaders
  • The utilization of technology in the business environment
  • Provide students with competitive advantage
  • Engagement in developing and participating in Speaker Series
  • Experiential learning opportunities
The Business Administration Program will provide students with the opportunity to achieve the knowledge, skills, and
experiences to excel in the business workplace, whether directly or as preparation for advanced degrees.


The mission of the Business Administration Program is “to provide every student with the opportunity to achieve the knowledge, skills, and experiences to achieve their highest potential in preparation for a business career and life.”