Alumnus of the Month: Cassie Messer Herre ’13

July 21, 2014

Like most graduates, Cassie Messer Herre ’13 said, “There isn’t just one favorite memory.  From when I arrived on campus and moved my stuff into Avery 311, to trips to Twisted Falls, soccer games, LMC Homecomings, being an RA to the best 4th floor Avery crew, traveling home with new friends and making memories as we went.  There is never just one memory, there are always the ups and downs, and those snow storms, but I am grateful for all of it.  Lees-McRae is a volunteering school, especially to the community; so if I had to choose one of my favorite memories it would be when my sorority, Delta Zeta Nu, volunteered for the Adaptive Ski Clinic with Dee Thomas [director of outdoor programs].”

She also feels Lees-McRae College has everything to do with her current success. “Lees-McRae made me who I am today, and put me where I am today. I had the best teachers. Not only were they always there for me, they also taught me so much. I met my husband, my Little/Best friend Joanna there. With my sorority, Delta Zeta Nu, I also have connections after College that helped me get the career that I love today!”

Her advice for current Lees-McRae students, “Enjoy it! You are lucky to be going to school at such a beautiful place. Live life, and be whom you want. Go hiking, go to downtown Boone, ride the lift at Beech Mountain, and go against the grain – challenge yourself. “

Cassie also feels it is important to give back to her Alma Mater. “Everyone has their own reason for giving back, some because it is their Alma Mater, and others just because.  I personally give back, because when I was at Lees-McRae, and when I was in the Student Government Association, I knew what the students wanted. I want to give back to them in order for them to have an even more enjoyable college experience. Lees-McRae has given me so much, so why wouldn’t I want to give back?  Why wouldn’t I want to try and contribute to something that made me who I am? Maybe what I give, whether it is monetary or just my time and attention, can help current students in some way.  Not everyone has the money to give back, especially right after graduation, so what I mean by giving back our time and attention is exactly that!  For example, our athletes love a cheering section, so I come back for games; soccer games, volleyball, softball, lacrosse, etc.  Or come back for Homecoming, it is the best time of the year!”

What is she doing now?  “I am married to the man of my dreams.  We met at Lees-McRae and he’s my college sweetheart. We recently moved to Winston-Salem, North Carolina for my career with Speedpro Imaging. I love my job! I work with Eddy Dolan and Justin McLaughlin (fellow alumni) and they are great, and we live down the street from my sorority sister and fellow alumna, Kelsey Stevens!”

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Cassie and her husband, Adam, a fellow Lees-McRae graduate
Cassie, who was crowned Homecoming Queen in 2012, with her sorority sister and 2013 Homecoming Princess, Sydnie Taylor, at the 2013 Homecoming Ceremony.
As the Student Government Association President, Cassie addressed the crowd during the 2013 commencement ceremony.
Cassie with three of her Delta Zeta Nu sorority sisters.