Residence Life

Students live on-campus in a variety of housing options, including residence halls, cottages, suites, apartments, and houses. Students enjoy residential benefits like wireless internet, cable television, student lounges, and ample green space to study, play, and enjoy the mountain air.

Tobacco Free Campus
Lees-McRae is committed to providing its students and employees with a healthful environment. The college views the use of tobacco products as detrimental to the health of students, staff, faculty and visitors, and prohibits its use on campus grounds. View the policy >>
Residence Halls

Avery Residence Hall

Avery is home to women of all classes. It is conveniently a few steps from the Cannon Student Center and the MacDonald Dining Hall. Floors are designated per class and there is also a Freshman Honors Hall. Bathrooms are located on each hall.

Baldwin Residence Hall

Baldwin is a pet-friendly residence hall for women.

Bentley Residence Hall

Bentley is housing for female upperclassmen.

Cannon Honors Cottage

Cannon Cottage is housing for honors students who desire to live in a community. Women occupy the first floor while men occupy the second floor.

Hemlock Village

Hemlock Village features suites comprised of a common living area accompanied by four single bedrooms. Each suite has a covered deck that overlooks the Elk River. Upper class men and women can apply with suitemates (of the same sex) to pursue this housing option.

McMillan Residence Hall

McMillan is housing for sophomore, junior, and senior men and women.

Tate Residence Hall

Tate houses men who are sophomores or higher. Tate residents enjoy the centrality of this residence on campus with quick access to classes, the dining hall and the student center. Many enjoy spending time on the spacious Tate Lawn.

Tennessee Residence Hall

Tennessee houses sophomore and higher students. Located in the Historic Commons, views of Beech Mountain and all of the central campus are enjoyed year-round. Bathrooms are community-style and located on each floor.

Virginia Residence Hall

Virginia houses freshman men. Located in the Historic Commons, views of Beech Mountain and all of the central campus are enjoyed year-round. Bathrooms are community-style and located on each floor.

Additional Campus Housing


The apartments each house two upperclassmen students, have their own stove and are conveniently located across from the Student Recreation Complex.


The houses are a premiere location for our upperclassmen students. Located throughout campus, each house has the capacity to house four to eight students and each come with their own full kitchen.

Common Policies/Regulations

Alcohol is not allowed in any residence hall room unless all individuals are of the legal drinking age of 21 and the room has been registered with the Assistant Dean of Students. Only the Houses, Villages, and Apartments areas may be registered to have alcohol.

Common Rooms
Students share responsibility for the common areas in their residence halls, including hallways, lounges, bathrooms, breezeways, kitchens, and any other location shared by multiple students. If items in the common rooms are damaged or stolen and the individual(s) responsible are not identified, the replacement cost will be divided among all residents of the room, floor or building.

Laundry Facilities
Students are able to do laundry in all locations via an application on their phone called "CSCPay Mobile." Card readers are also provided on all machines for convenience.

Lock Changes
If a room key is lost, the lock will be changed at the replacement cost of $100, which will be billed to the student's account. If a student fails to return his/her room key upon leaving the college, they will be charged this fee as well. Lees-McRae keys are not allowed to be duplicated by anyone other than the Lees-McRae locksmith.

Maintenance Requests
If a student needs to make a maintenance request for a damaged or non-working item in their room, they may report the problem to the Residence Life Staff or submit a maintenance request here.

Quiet Hours
Lees-McRae College students have the right to study and sleep in their housing assignment without disruption. Quiet hours are in effect for all campus housing from 8:00 p.m. until 8:00 a.m., Sunday through Thursday nights, and from 1:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. Friday and Saturday nights. Quiet hours will be in effect 24 hours a day during final exams beginning on the last day of classes for the semester.

If a student stops attending classes, the student will be withdrawn from the College and he/she must move out of campus housing immediately. Please refer to the Academic Catalog for further information regarding withdrawals.

For full policies and procedures, please view the student handbook here.