Truist Leadership Initiative

The Lees-McRae Truist Leadership Initiative is a program obtained through a multiyear grant provided by Truist. This campus-wide initiative will promote and expand leadership opportunities on campus; striving to positively affect students, faculty and staff.

College Strategic Goal #2

The Truist Leadership Initiative looks to support the following goal from the current Strategic Plan:

To support academic, professional, and personal growth, the institution will emphasize experiential learning as fundamental to a Lees-McRae education.

  • Include and require appropriate experiential learning into the curriculum of all academic programs
  • Cultivate a network of external partners that can provide opportunities including internships, practical skills and employment.

Lees-McRae College Leader Definition

A Lees-McRae Leader is a dedicated, self-aware, value-based, inspiring individual who leads by example, exhibiting positive behavior in pursuit of superior results. They are invested in their own success as well as the success of Lees-McRae College, in order to implement positive change.

Truist Leadership Initiative Goal

The Truist Leadership Initiative’s goal is to support the growth, development and success of the Lees-McRae Leader through academic centered, experiential leadership engagement opportunities.


Academic Centered

Academic, knowledge-based learning will be at the center of leadership development at Lees-McRae.

Experiential Leadership

The Lees-McRae community will gain relevant leadership skills through experience-based, hands-on, authentic learning opportunities that contribute to skill development and values clarification.

Behavioral Indicators

Academic Centered

The Lees-McRae Leader will be able to:

  • Knowledge: Describe multiple qualities of a successful leader and illustrate significant traits and behaviors of leaders within the Lees-McRae Leader’s specific industry/career field
  • Analysis: Critically analyze personal leadership style

Experiential Leadership

The Lees-McRae Leader will be able to:

  • Self-Awareness: Cultivate a sense of self-awareness through identifying leadership competencies, vision, and values
  • Reflection: Conduct a focused reflection on personal leadership, industry/career leadership, and a personal pathway to successful leadership development

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Katie Wall
Director of Truist Leadership Initiative