Who are you? We have the faculty and the academic programs to help you answer that question. We have specialty programs like Wildlife Rehabilitation or Cycling Studies and we have programs like Creative Marketing or Theatre Arts that draw from different disciplines. And, yes, we have traditional majors like Biology, English, and Psychology as well as pre-professional majors like Nursing, Business and Education. All of our majors are rigorous and will challenge, surprise and reward you along the way. We expect the best from you and anticipate the best for you. 

Pursue your passion.

Programs in the School of Arts, Humanities and Education emphasize how we interact with each other, how we interact with the world—then and now—and how we understand ourselves in the grand scheme. You can study religion, acting, history, arts and design, English, elementary education, technical theatre, Spanish, musical theatre or special education. Students who want to further their studies at the graduate level can get their Master of Arts in Teaching in Secondary Education.

The cross-disciplinary nature of the School of Business and Management means you can blend various interests while learning more about yourself as a business professional. You can focus studies in the areas of marketing, finance or accounting, or you can major in sport management, minor in cycling studies or take the challenge of one of our newest majors, outdoor recreation management.

The May School of Nursing and Health Sciences prepares students, through rigorous coursework and clinical experience, for a lifetime of service within various healthcare professions. Programs of study include nursing, emergency medical services and management, and health and wellness science—a new program for students seeking training in health communications, physical fitness training or even pre-training for graduate work.

Disciplines in the School of Natural and Behavioral Sciences will hone skills and interests that deepen both your appreciation of the natural world and of the human condition. With a strong background in biological techniques, theories, and principles, students are prepared for graduate or professional schools and careers. You can study biology or wildlife biology, psychology, criminal justice, specialize in wildlife rehabilitation or minor in mathematics.

Core Curriculum

Underneath it all lies our Core Curriculum, classes designed to give you a broad exposure to different ways of thinking, different ways of seeing the world, different ways of seeing yourself. As you move through the Core Curriculum—deepening your knowledge and honing your skills—you’ll be better prepared for the advanced work in each of our majors, all of which culminate in a capstone academic seminar.

Experiential Learning

Fundamental to every academic program at Lees-McRae is a recognition that learning happens in, out of and around the classroom. We want you to discover more about your studies and yourself through some hands-on experiences, whether it’s researching at the College’s field station, performing in a musical, healing a wounded animal, interning at a bike shop, writing for a local magazine or treating a “burn victim” in our state-of-the-art Hart Simulation Lab. These experiential settings give you three-dimensional understanding and help reinforce what you learn.

Hallmarks of a Lees-McRae Education

The Lees-McRae graduate will be known for academic achievement, professional skills and concern for humanity. To ensure success as a graduate, Lees-McRae students will have opportunities to engage in curricular and co-curricular experiences that prepare them to:

  • Communicate effectively through writing, speaking and public presentation
  • Think independently, creatively and critically when solving problems
  • Appreciate diversity and actively strive to collaborate with others
  • Develop informed career plans that include experiential learning
  • Discover their leadership abilities through campus and academic engagement
  • Express consideration of others and tolerance of diverse perspectives
  • Achieve physical, spiritual and emotional well-being balanced with intellectual endeavors
  • Embrace technology when learning and communicating personally and professionally
  • Demonstrate a lifelong interest in learning and achieving

Burton Center

The Burton Center for Student Success delivers a comprehensive program designed to provide academic and career planning support for Lees-McRae students. The Burton Center, through First Year and Sophomore Seminars, Foundations courses, academic advising services, learning assistance and tutoring services, works with every student to discover the path that will lead to her or his individual success as well as help each student to build the foundations of citizenship and service to the greater community and world.

Honors Program

Honors students are exposed to ideas of many of the greatest thinkers of all time -- artists, social scientists, philosophers, theologians, scientists -- in a cross-disciplinary curriculum and are given many opportunities to grapple with the central question of what it means to be human. Special lectures, colloquia, service projects, and field trips are all part of the honors experience.

Learning Commons

The newly-renovated Dotti M. Shelton Learning Commons houses classrooms, seminar rooms, group study areas and quiet rooms as well as a wide array of reference materials, the Stirling Collection (devoted to Appalachian studies), contemporary periodicals and a main print collection more than 70,000 books. Additionally, the learning commons is the headquarters for online reference collections, with more than 150 databases and 140,000 eBooks across dozens of areas of study.

Pursue your passion.

We expect the best from you and anticipate the best for you.