Summer School

Spend the summer at Lees-McRae learning about the region, brushing up on business skills, making new friends or gaining experience. With online and seated classes, introductory and advanced courses, and a beautiful mountain setting, why not audit or enroll in a class this summer?

Summer school 2019 dates: Monday, May 20–Friday, August 16
Courses have varying start and end dates.

Tuition and Fees

  • Per Credit Hour: $295
  • Wildlife Biology Summer Clinicals: $3,300.00 flat tuition rate for 12 credit hours, with an additional $115 course fee for scrubs

Fees for Summer Session(s) are payable in full on the day of registration.

All fees are refunded if the Student Financial Services Office, prior to registration day, receives a written notification of a student’s decision not to enroll. A refund of 50% of tuition and board is made if a student notifies the Student Financial Services Office of withdrawal during the first week of summer school. No refund will be made if a student withdraws after the first week.

Summer Housing Costs

  • One-week class: Single: $105  |  Double: $70
  • Two-week class: Single: $150  |  Double: $100
  • Five-week class: Single: $480  |  Double: $320
  • Ten-week class: Single: $1,248  |  Double: $832
  • Entire summer: Single: $1,380  |  Double: $920