Five easy ways to adventure—big and small—right on campus

Even though we are still in the final weeks of winter, daylight saving time and spring are on the horizon! With warmer, sunnier days to come, you and your friends might be wondering what you can do to get outside and enjoy the season right here on campus.

Here are five quick and easy ways you can enjoy the great outdoors and perhaps become even a little more involved here at Lees-McRae while you are at it. Win-win!

1. Rent an ENO hammock from the Student Development Office.

Have you ever wanted to enjoy an afternoon in one of those classic hammocks, but didn’t have one? Thanks to the Student Development Office now you can use one free of charge! Just visit SDO, rent your hammock, and attach it to the one of the ENO pods in either the community garden or Swank Park. All you have to do then is relax under your favorite tree. Ah, don’t you feel calm already?

2. Speaking of the Mill Pond, head down to the waterfall and relax on the rocks.

Our campus is beautiful in so many ways, but one of them has to be the amazing waterfall we have! Pack a lunch, gather some of your friends, and enjoy a picnic with a view. Bonus points if you set up your ENO hammock from SDO!

3. You can relax on the rocks, but did you ever want to climb them? Learn the ropes and check out the climbing wall in the Student Recreation Complex!

Not only is this a great way to experience something new, but you can also get a great workout in. The routes are always changing, so you’ll never run out of new and challenging ways to make the climb. Make sure you visit the SRC to learn about the wall’s open hours.

Have you ever considered joining the Competition Climbing Team? The team often practices on the wall and at spots outside right here on campus! Contact Climbing Team Coach Carter Smith to learn more about the team.

4. Not totally into heights but want to get active? No problem. Rent a mountain bike from the Student Recreation Complex and hit the trails.

You might not know it, but our campus has several fun mountain biking trails ranging in skill level. You could even hike them if you didn’t want to rent a bike. Speaking of which, rentals are free and you can grab your borrowed ride from the Student Recreation Complex during regular hours. Mountain biking not your style? The SRC also rents out camping, fishing, and hiking equipment totally free for college students, faculty, and staff. Score! To learn more, visit the SRC.  

5. You love the outdoors, but you’d also like to make a difference and give back. Consider becoming a member of the Green Team!

Dedicated to making campus a cleaner and sustainable place, the Green Initiative—led by the Green Team—leads efforts in recycling, composting, as well as taking care of the community garden. Joining the Green Team is a great opportunity to learn about gardening if you’ve never tried (and taste some delicious produce while you’re at it!) Located behind the McRae House, the community garden features seasonal fruits and vegetables. Learn more about the Green Team by contacting Assistant Professor and Program Coordinator of Outdoor Recreation Management Katie Wall

You know that Lees-McRae has some of the best outdoor experiences around.

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By Nina MastandreaMarch 01, 2019
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