Land that dream job with these five career tips

While graduation may seem far away, what you might not realize is that this is go-time in making your career dreams a reality.

The thought of applying for jobs or graduate school and entering “the real world” may seem daunting, but waiting until the last minute might cost you that dream job offer waiting for you right outside the gates of college. To help you with this, Director of Career Services Laura Pell shared her top five tips for seniors as they prepare in their final months of college for that exciting first job.

First things first: When should you start to apply? Pell says to begin applying for jobs at least three months before graduation. The job searching process can take longer than you might think. Starting early will give you enough time to sharpen your resume and create job-specific cover letters for each position you are applying to.

Speaking of which, before you begin applying for jobs, have Career Services review your current resume and cover letter. Career Services can also help you if you are considering graduate school or are interested in smart application strategies in a world where employers sometimes receive dozens of applications for just one job.

You’ve heard that practice makes perfect, but did you know that also applies to the job hunt? Reach out to Career Services to help you practice that sometimes-intimidating interview. In-person interviews also call for a professional appearance. Have nothing to wear you say? No worries. Stop by Career Services and browse through Wily’s Wardrobe—a closet full of free professional clothing you can have to knock that next interview out of the park.

If you are considering graduate school, get a head start and register for your graduate school entrance exam and prepare your materials well in advance of the earliest application deadline. The final few months of college can be stressful. Preparing your materials ahead of time can help you avoid doubling-up on stress once finals and entrance exams roll around at the end of the year.

Pell’s final tip? Use Excel or a similar program to keep track of your current job or graduate school applications. At a glance, you’ll be able to see the status of everything including upcoming deadlines and whether you still need to submit additional materials.

Bonus tip: Once you have landed a job or enrolled in graduate school, share your success with Career Services! Your experience and success could help students who will be in the same position as you someday—so be sure to reach out after graduation and share your story!

Now go apply for that dream position! If you need any help, contact Career Services or reach out directly to Laura Pell. Happy job hunting!

By Nina MastandreaMarch 06, 2019
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