Your game plan for orientation

So you’ve knocked out your six quick “to dos” before orientation, shared our guide for parents with your loved ones, and now all you have to do is show up and be ready for some fun and kick start this new chapter in your life! 

So while you may have everything in place for your arrival, make sure not to forget these essential tasks while you are here on campus. Making the most of your two days here is crucial, and will get you just that much closer to move in day—we are just as excited as you are!

Remember that…nobody is an orientation expert

Sometimes people feel unsure of what to do at orientation. Should I play it cool? What if I don’t know anyone there? Try not to overthink it. Everyone else is sharing those feelings. Remember that this is everyone else’s first orientation too!

Remember to…ask what you want to know

Orientation exists to make sure that you know what life is like for a Bobcat! So don’t be shy as you try to figure that out for yourself. You can ask student orientation leaders, staff, or other attendees. No question is uncool or a burden to any of us.

Remember to…be all here

It’s easy to spend a day scrolling through Instagram or maintaining your Snapchat streak. But it is pretty challenging to embrace a major life transition while scrolling and snapping. To make the best of your orientation, try to be present! You only experience orientation once, so be all here!

Remember to…choose your roommate wisely

Everyone at orientation will have the opportunity to fill out a roommate request form. Remember that finding a roommate is not a race. Instead, it’s about getting to know people with similar interests, habits, and values to find a compatible pair.

Remember to…leave with a game plan

While at orientation, use your schedule or an app on your phone to keep track of what you still need to complete and turn in. For some, it might be information overload, so staying on top of your to do list as thoughts come to you is the best way to make sure you don’t forget anything.

We probably don’t have to remind you of this, but…start counting down to move-in day

For many, orientation is when it starts to get real! Plan the rest of your summer. Do you need to go supply shopping? What places in your hometown do you want to visit before you leave? What friends, family, or mentors do you need to visit? Spend the summer preparing for an awesome move-in day.

We can’t wait to meet you! Learn more about orientation and your orientation leaders here

By Hannah FinkelsteinJune 18, 2019
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